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Another Super Awesome Dr's Visit

1. So I had this pimple, in an entirely undesirable place, and then it sort of became several bumps, and yesterday it turned scary colors, SO, i had to go to the doctor's.

So the male nurse practitioner was like "holy @#$*@#" when it saw it, and seemed puzzled by how blasé I was about the whole thing, but I already knew it was an abscess probably and that it needed lanced, and besides the rats get them sometimes and it's way grosser when they do. This doesn't, on the other hand, mean that I was super happy about being jabbed in the unmentionables with the largest hypodermic needle they make (an 18 gauge, if you wanted to know).

It fucking HURT. but the good news was that all three bumps were apparently the same bump, because everything all drained out at once. Also, EW. And obviously it needs to go on draining which is fine, except you can't tape anything to the area around it because of the hairs.

I have to keep tabs on it because it might turn into the MRSA. HURRAY. My stupid students complain about getting the MRSA all the time like the little hypochondriacs they are, and who gets it? Me.

2. While I was there, i mentioned the tick and had the guy look to see if there were tick bits just to make sure. And he was like "...well there's kind of a rash there." YAY LYME DISEASE. The best part was when he named the symptoms (fatigue, joint pain, headaches) and I was like " mean, my normal state of being?" So apparently I could be dying of Lyme Disease and I would never know.

So to review: potential MRSA AND Lyme Disease. I daresay I've had the most productive morning of anybody. So I'm on some crazy antibiotic for everything. STAY TUNED FOR MORE EXCITING HEALTH DISASTERS.
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