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Shintarou Planned the Whole Thing

newshfan has a subbed news clip about the Ryutarou stalker incident here. It's a good length, and is like the for-real intelligent news, so it's pretty interesting. Aside from the actual incident, they talk about fan behavior and rules, how JE's male fans are increasing, and then mention shounen-ai. I got the sense that they were trying to say that the (male) stalker was in love with ryutarou without actually saying that, but that's just what I took from it.

In case anybody is actually concerned, the abscess is healing up fine, so it seems like I will not in fact develop the MRSA. Good news for once! Jury's still out on the Lyme Disease. when I called the office for my phone check in, the nurse was like, well, you can take months to start showing symptoms...greato.

My stupid friend tricked me into moving all their shit with my truck, and goddammit i should know better than to even answer the phone when they call. But they were all "it's no big deal la la la" and when i showed up it was literally all the furniture and shit they own in a storage unit. We did half of it yesterday and she was SUPPOSED to call me this morning to finish, but no call yet. So. Much. Hate.


Still working on the website. I keep thinking "there can't be that much more to go" and then I find a bunch of shit that never made it on the master list because it was comment porn I wrote in 2003. FAIL.

I beat the third gym leader in Platinum? And I made a poffin and won a cool pokemon contest with Nokkun, my prinplup.

I'm supposed to go out to the race track and casino with my parents tonight. Woohoo? I'm like the biggest bad luck charm on the planet so I can't really get super psyched about it.

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