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so. close. to finishing. website. 551 stories. I haven't put up Roswell yet, or the HP100 drabbles, but otherwise, it's all in there. All the fanfiction anyway.

I managed to get dates for all but 6 fics, which is pretty impressive. The ones that are all left are all comment fic, and my email records don't go far enough back to dig them out.

So if anybody could tell me when I wrote these, that'd be great?

Snow Tennis, Oishi/Eiji - I think written for sarinthesky as a thanks for mailing me trading cards, late summer/fall 2005?

Bring the Mandolin, MWPP - written for copperbadge during his meme where we all wrote fic using his student gems. Did anybody else do that?

Panicked, James/Remus - written for Setissma during her exams, but no idea what year or anything helpful.

Put That in a Box, Remus/Sirius - written for copperbadge while he was moving. But, uh, sam moves a lot, so not that helpful.

What the Combined Forces of Gryffindor Know About Girls, [Harry, Ron, etc] - this I have NO idea about. It's not in my lj save or in my files anywhere, so I think it must be a comment fic. For sociofemme maybe? Mention of the book the Rules which I read for a class leads me to believe this might be 2003 sometime.

You Don't Send Me Flowers, Harry/Neville - written for marksykins, but I have no idea why or when.

Right now they are all dated when they went up on the website, but they all went up the same time because they're all prior to the 2005 website reboot, so everything written before then has the same created date. I know it's fiddly, but I'm so close to having everything up properly!
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