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Drabble Your Black Little Fannish Hearts Out

musikologie and I just got je100 up and running, and the first theme is summer.

Go write me fics of exactly 100 words! Any JE group or person is fine~ (Pero, I added a V6 tag just for you, yo). Any rating, any pairing, any band, I do not care just show me the fic yo.

The Summer challenge will last until next Tuesday, so you have all week to come up with something and/or post as many different ones as you want. Plus, fierce competition! You get to pick a unit to support and BATTLE TO THE DEATH.

anyway, it's fun and low-pressure and you should do it! Whether you miss hp100 like Beth and I do, or whether you're too new in fandom to even know what i'm talking about. Fun for all ages! I even stuck a NEWS drabble up there already to amuse and tantalize you.

je100 je100 je100
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