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Apparently I Need a Mokuba Icon

Shiny Whismur! Yay!~

I finally blew that $25 sociofemme sent me for my birthday on a book about dinosaurs and a 3-D Pyrmid puzzle. It looks really sexy and translucent! But sadly no millenium spirit possessed me afterward and caused a bunch of other badass stuff to happen.

I just read through the first batch of YGO manga on and never realized that they'd told the Kaiba Kyoudai's adoption story in the original manga. Both of them are crazy freaks in the original, but then it turns around and explains in detail why're they're so messed up, plus plays the "PLEASE SAVE MY OLDER BROTHER SO HE REMEMBERS HOW TO SMILE AGAIN" card. OUCH. So then Mokuba became like my favorite character wut.

On the same topic, the picture in the Duel Monsters anime of Mokuba and Kaiba playing chess, the ones in their lockets, is taken taken directly from the original. And the age difference between them is five years.

Sometimes I think that Kaiba only has a helicopter to make his coat flap dramatically. Why are all these bullet points about YGO? Again?

Yami: "I'm not Yugi. I'm a 3000 year old pharoah."
Mokuba: D: (his face seriously looks exactly like this)
Kaiba: Pish. You've been brainwashed by that idiot, Ishizu.
Yami: Remember that time you were trapped in a card for days during Duelist Kingdom? Or when disembodied dudes spoke to us during our last five duels? Hm? Here, have an extended flashback of all the creepy things that have happened to you during the last 70 episodes.
Mokuba: D:
Kaiba: Pish. You're all morons.

Happy 4th, everyone! I have a ton of crap I should have done today but then did none of. And tomorrow Feds and Roddick play! GANBATTE, RODDICK!

I should really go get dinner. because I am eternally five, I want hot dogs.
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