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Apparently we have changed baggage policies again, and now it's $15 to put any suitcase on a plane. Pretty soon it will be $20, haha!

YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS I HAVE THREE FLIGHTS. I find it to be ENTIRELY UNREASONABLE that I am expected to fly across the motherfucking country with no suitcase. I don't even NEED a fucking suitcase, except i'm not allowed to take more than 3oz of anything like, you know, CONTACT SOLUTION.

So now I have to go to Wal-mart now, at midnight, to find travel-sized things and asdkgjalsgkjajga FUCK. HATE. SO MUCH HATE. I DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS. Why are American airlines so fucking annoying? Why? Why is every international airline 23490238 times better? My brother got to take 2 44-lbs suitcases with him because he booked through Swiss Air! I JUST WANT TO TAKE MY SHAMPOO, YOU FUCKERS.

You know, if i were the most expensive way to travel in an economy like this, I SURE AS HELL WOULD NOT GO OUT OF MY WAY TO DRIVE PEOPLE INSANE. *full of rage*
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