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Only Mercer Is Exit

Tori Amos in concert was amazing. She played a bunch of older stuff (Crucify, Precious Things, China, Cornflake Girl) which was awesome because I haven't listened to any of her new stuff since college. Lol, but now we're listening to "Winter" on my laptop, which I sang for a Tri-M concert in high school while my incredibly gay friend who also adored Tori played the piano. sociofemme can probably guess which friend that was :D

Tori Amos is weird as hell, but goddamn is she talented. She had five keyboards going at one point (the Bosendorfer with a keyboard on top of it, and then on the other side, a two-keyboard organ with another keyboard on top of it) and just O.o gah, her voice is so powerful live. She's phenomenal.

also amazing is Plum bubble tea, which apparently i am too white to order, because the lady was like "um, are you sure? Reeeally sure?" It's not onigiri, but it'll have to be close enough. おいしい!

And I bought my mother a tote bag. copperbadge, i thought of you.
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