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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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But The Pillow Ended Up Naked

I am at work with konzatsu! It is all shiny and professional, and they let me on the internet, those fools. I even managed to get repacked with only one emergency (we were in the car before I remembered that I had unplugged the computer, but then left the actual charger plugged into the wall). And the constraints of traffic meant I didn't get to hug elise_maxwell goodbye when we dropped her off for work D: D: D:

I fly to San Jose this afternoon to meet up with swtjemz, shabzilla, and musikologie. For some reason this necessitates a stop in Denver, but whatever. Keep your fingers crossed that this time the system actually believes in me, unlike when I left PHL last week and when my brother did a few days before that.

If members of the Pelli family were meant to fly, apparently we would print our own boarding passes.

Also, Happy Birthday to musesfool! You can be the Remus to my Sirius always.

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