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Hells Yeah.

I too have done the random LJ summary thing, and mine is more or less accurate:

"I don't know. Using A Switching Spell: they decide that, sociofemme And i can be my friends, it. Acadine and James. You most of my settings so i took this gem: books chapter and even my insanity aside, one too much better than that instead of Joy so instead of my MLPs were the boys section btw, check out my insanity HPGtP pets. Hells yeah." -- mousapelli

Hells yeah indeed. lol!

So i walked to the T Hill to get a pint of ice cream, and i was eating it on the way back home when i thought it might be quicker to walk straight across the practice field rather than back up through the campus. Turns out that the track is on the way, where a dozen or more fat people were jogging their strained little hearts out. I then lived out one of my most heinous fantasies.

I went up the fence at the edge of the track and just stood there, right in front of them, eating my chocolate chip cookie dough and smiling at each and every one of them as they went by.

Do i feel bad about it? Maybe. A little.

Heh heh heh heh. Next fantasy: Taking a whole pizza and a folding chair up to the window of the workout room in the ASFC and Eating. Every. Last. Bite.

My mom is nuts. She just called me on my land phone, and then asked me if i was in my room. Good job, mom.

"Two fics in mousapelli I would Love, for my groups have two fics in two days." -- sociofemme
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