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Ah! Kita!

Remixes are up! I got two this year! *sparkles*

What Do You Hear in These Sounds? (The Wall Came Down Remix) [w-inds.; Ryohei/Keita/Ryuichi; R] - a remix of "Sounds Like" where Keita ends up not being so jazzed about this solo album thing in the end either.


Big Name Fanon (Secret Masters of Fandom Mash-up) [DBSK; OT5] - a remix of every International_Huge fic ever, where Yoochun entertains everybody else because he loves them.

Thanks to both my Remixers; I loved both my stories! And you should all go read them and comment, and comment on a bunch of other stuff too in the hopes that I might actually get some comments before this whole anon thing is over.

Today's my last day on the West Coast D: but at least last night we got kicked out of longleggedgit's room for having too good a party. It isn't a con if that doesn't happen at least once!

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