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Tomodachi Ijou, Koibito Miman

Drama night #1 = Complete success!

Mom and rooneytunes came over, I made chicken fried rice, and we watched the first two episodes of Voice. I really liked it! Far more than I thought I was going to, especially since both episodes nearly made me cry, and it's pretty odd for me to like things that do that. But more importantly, Mom seemed to genuinely enjoy the show. I was afraid if we didn't get a winner on the first try, she would be resistant to any further attempts.

The ex-motorcycle gang guy and the guy who he clearly likes punches a lot are my favorites, which I'm sure shocks nobody. Also, GReeeeN does the end theme! Goddamn I love that band.

Then rooneytunes hung around a while longer, and I tried Akihabara@DEEP with her since it also has Toma in it, and that also went over very well. BOX/PAGE OTP. I forgot how much I want to hug Box until he passes out (it wouldn't take long since I am a girl).

Also there were dark chocolate brownies. Mmmmmmmm.

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