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Why Yes I Am Drying My Bra on the Air Purifier


I just got through cleaning animals and vacuuming and swiffering and doing dishes and everything else (this is how you can tell I love marksykins, because now I can see the top of my table), and now I need a nap. At one point sweat was just like rolling off me. Ugh, August. I'm trying to cool off while I wait for the dryer to finish before I put real clothes back on.

I did indeed vacuum the couch last night, and then just now pushed the couch out and vacuumed all behind it, so hopefully that will help a little with allergies? I also stole some of my brother's allergy medicine while I was over stealing his swiffer (because I broke mine a couple weeks ago) and I think his works better than mine. I guess I need to go inform the doctor of this, except it means going to the doctor, and also I just had a refill of my stuff so I don't really want to spend a bunch more money on new stuff already.

also, I have never ever in my life had rats who smell before, but Tegomass are getting cleaned out twice a week just like the guinea pig now. What the hell? how did I get such fail rats.

So now I have about an hour before Marks gets here. Maybe I should work on putting clothes back on.
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