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Chester French Plays a Blink 182 Medley on His Tuba

Marty left me to return to her roomba D: she says she hates it but she always goes back to it in the end. D: D: D:

The concert last night was good, except for the fact that it poured the entire time and thus I was the wettest I've ever been in my entire life. But we didn't exactly rush to get there since Chester French is apparently terrible (they got rained out anyhow) and caught half of Panic!'s set. If we saw half of half of Panic!, did we see a quarter of them?

FOB and Blink 182 were entertaining and full of fanservice! As it all should be. It was raining so hard by the time Blink came out that they didn't have any of their light show, but it was all good otherwise and they went right into their encore rather than make us stand there longer. Both of us were a big mess when we went to grab food after finally getting out of Hershey.

And then this morning we went to go see the IMAX 3-D version of Half-Blood Prince, and decided that Marcus Belby is our favorite and he needs to be in every single outtake.

And now I am going to lie here on my couch and do probably nothing! Since I hurt in all kinds of weird places.

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