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I Am in Draco's French Movie

School starts in a week, and this last week is worse than any week of the entire school year, because while you're actually doing it, you just sort of get in the routine of it and don't notice how badly it sucks, but beforehand you just sit around and come up with nightmare scenarios.

It never goes away D: D: D: when i student taught, my mentor teacher who'd been teaching for like 40 years said she still had the same anxiety nightmares the week before as she did when she started.

also I've been staying up till ~4 am and then getting up like at noon (right now it's 1:30 and I haven't even put on pants yet) and this is all just going to make next week some kind of nightmare. i haven't gone into my new classroom all summer nor ordered so much as a pencil. and my schedule still seems to say that I'll be teaching three different levels during the same period.

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