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In Which I Should Know Better Than to Update Things

1. I couldn't update Firefox (no matter how much it told me to) because it would have broken Snaplinks.

2. Finally I caved and dug around and ended up with Multilinks, which is the same idea, and installed that. Which promptly put some doodad down in my status bar that doubled the height of my status bar and I couldn't get rid of. I hate change!

3. While I was fucking everything up, I went to install Rikai-chan (which I constantly call Rikia-chan like the dude from Five), and then couldn't get the hotkeys to take for toggling it on and off, despite several restarts.

4. Then, despite the fact FF had been bothering me for days about updating, I couldn't find the "just update" button now that I wanted it. Why on earth isn't that in the application dropdown like every other application ever? why?! Finally musikologie put me out of my misery and told me it was at the bottom of the help dropdown, where nobody in their right minds would ever find it.

5. Firefox updates to 3.5.2. Rikiachan's hotkeys finally work! And now there is a retarded "Add a tab!" plus sign in my tab bar which nobody with two brain cells would need and my status bar is STILL twice the height it's supposed to be. I HATE CHANGE.

6. Thank god everybody else hates change too. this gets rid of the retarded plus sign, and this lets you move around or thankfully get rid of anything in your status bar.

7. After an hour and a half, I'm exactly back where i started. Hooray! Although a few days ago I did get a javascript thinger that I put in as a bookmark on my toolbar and now works as an instant "make any LJ page my layout" button. GENIUS.
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