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Title: It's All For Science [Hashimoto/Goseki]
Rating/Warnings: R for voyeuristic Goseki and his underage kouhai.
Summary: Hashimoto's having trouble sleeping during their first tour; Goseki has an obvious solution.
AN: I...I don't even know. I keep trying to write my Rainbow Bridge fic and all that comes out is Hasshi initiating totally questionable encounters. WAAH.

It's All For Science

Goseki was relaxed and comfortable, warm on the side which Kawai was lying slack with sleep against, but not quite asleep yet, and so he answered, "Yeah?" when somebody knocked on the door that connected his hotel room to the other one.

"Goseki-kun?" Hashimoto's hushed voice called back, and Goseki let his eyes flutter open enough to make out Hashimoto leaning in the doorway, looking uncertain.

"Something wrong, Ryosuke?" Goseki asked.

Shaking his head, Hashimoto came the whole way inside the room, obviously ready for bed in a faded T-shirt and sweatpants. "Can I come in?"

"You're already in," Goseki pointed out, then added, "Get over here, you little moron," before the pout could do more than flicker over Hashimoto's face.

Hashimoto trotted over obediently and crawled up into bed when Goseki waved him in impatiently, apparently unconcerned about the fact that Goseki and Kawai were both bare-ass naked. He also didn't seem to mind that it was something of a tight fit, and curled up against Goseki's free side, back pressed against the wall.

"Mm, warm," Goseki purred as Hashimoto made himself comfortable. "Couldn't sleep? Too much excitement, right?"

"Yeah," Hashimoto agreed. Finally happy with his position, Hashimoto's limbs all went limp at once, like a puppy's.

"Better get used to it," Goseki advised. "Tours are always like that, and you need rest or you'll definitely collapse before the end of it." He stroked the bumps of Hashimoto's spine casually, the worn T-shirt soft under his fingers. "Try taking a hot bath?"

"Already did," Hashimoto reported, which explained the light scent of hotel soap from Hashimoto's skin. "Tsuka-chan and Tottsu told me to; they sent me out when Tottsu wanted Tsuka-chan to crack his back. Hey," Hashimoto commented after a little pause, "do you think they were just trying to get rid of me?"

"How do you think Tottsu's back got messed up in the first place?" Goseki asked, then started laughing so hard at Hashimoto's put-out expression that Kawai stirred with a grumbled complaint.

"Oi, quit it!" Kawai blinked, then noticed Hashimoto's face pillowed opposite his own on Goseki's other shoulder. "Oh hi, Hasshi-kun. You did a good job today." He lifted a hand just enough to pat Hashimoto's hair.

"Really?" Hashimoto asked, beaming shyly, but Kawai's eyes were already closed again, and a second later he went back to snuffling softly in his sleep. "Really?" He turned his question to Goseki instead, who was still snickering to himself.

"Sure," Goseki agreed amiably, lifting his own hand to pat Hashimoto's head like Kawai had. Unlike Kawai, however, he let his hand linger in Hashimoto's hair afterwards, stroking his way idly through the strands and making Hashimoto relax even more bonelessly against his side.

"Goseki-kun?" Hashimoto asked eventually, voice not at all sleepy despite the way his eyes were half-lidded. "How do you get to sleep on tours?"

"If you'd have come in ten minutes earlier, you'd have seen it," Goseki said, shrugging a little and making Kawai grumble. "And unless Tsuka-chan's lost his touch, if you go back to your own room you might still see it."

"Eh?" Hashimoto blinked, the brush of his eyelashes tickling Goseki's bare chest. Then suddenly Goseki felt Hashimoto's cheeks heat up as he caught on. "Oh! Oooooh."

"Ah, innocent youth," Goseki intoned, his grin getting even wider when Hashimoto lifted his head to glare at him. His indulgent affection didn't dim one iota when Hashimoto proclaimed that he wasn't not that innocent, yo.

"Anyway, though…" Hashimoto pushed himself up on one elbow, looking reluctant. "I really should rest, so I'll just…"

"You could stay," Goseki suggested, leaving the added because if you left I'd be cold hanging in the air for Hashimoto to figure out on his own. Then, on second thought…"Provided that you can keep things to yourself, hm?"

"To my…" Hashimoto thought about that before nodding seriously. "Ah, got it." He shifted himself around a little. The space he'd tucked himself into was too tight for much maneuvering, but Hashimoto was nothing if not diligent when his senpai asked something of him, and he managed to get himself enough on his back that most things would stay where he dripped them, even if Kawai was nearly dangling off the edge of the bed.

He hesitated with his hand hovering over the drawstring of his sweatpants, leaning his head back to examine Goseki's face.

"You don't have to," Goseki assured, although it was off-set by the fact that he was obviously settled in a position that would let him see everything. "But it won't be anything I haven't seen before, Ryosuke."

That seemed to be all the encouragement Hashimoto needed, and Goseki wondered vaguely if a decent person would have found that disturbing. Not that it bothered him personally or anything, he just wondered things like that sometimes. For science.

Thoughts of any science besides anatomy slipped Goseki's mind, however, as Hashimoto pushed his sweats down just far enough to palm himself firmly. Goseki went back to stroking Hashimoto's hair lightly with the hand that was still curled around Hashimoto's neck.

"Ne, though," Hashimoto said after a moment, voice distracted, "if you watch like that, won't you just have to start over?"

"Hm?" Goseki had to let that thought simmer for a moment to understand what Hashimoto was asking, since he was rather distracted himself. "Oh, don't worry. Fumito can be very thorough when he has the right incentive."

"Aah," Hashimoto agreed with a little gasp. He was starting to push up into his own touch, and Goseki wondered if he would have to take his words back. "Keep talking, Goseki-kun? It sounds nice, like having the aircon on."

"I think you're the only person I would let say something like that about my bedroom voice," Goseki purred, turning his head so that his mouth brushed closer to Hashimoto's ear, and Hashimoto let out another soft gasp. "But from you, I'll take it as a compliment. What shall I talk about?"

"Tell me about Tottsu and Tsuka-chan," Hashimoto requested after a moment. "They're too careful around me, I never see anything good."

"Ah, you're a lad of discerning tastes, a man after my own heart," Goseki approved, and he didn't mind at all relating how Tsukada's flexibility wasn't just for dance, and how Totsuka's mild manner only meant that he could coax others into giving him exactly what he wanted more often than not.

"Really?" Hashimoto asked after Goseki had mentioned several of Totsuka's better qualities, very clearly distracted now, but it didn't hide the glimmer of his heavy-lidded eyes from Goseki.

"Hm, do I sense a little crush?" Goseki asked, teasing but watching Hashimoto's reactions carefully. He stroked Hashimoto's side under the guise of tugging his T-shirt up, out of the way. "Tottsu's a good choice, na. Dependable. Affectionate. Reversi."

"It's not…" Hashimoto started, but that was as much as he managed before he tensed and came over his fist and bare stomach.

Goseki gave Hashimoto a few seconds to catch his breath before asking, "It's not Tottsu?" He raised an eyebrow and dragged a finger through one of the streaks on Hashimoto's stomach.

Hashimoto caught Goseki's wrist before Goseki had even seen him move, murmuring, "Not just Tottsu," and then he tugged Goseki's hand close enough to his mouth to lick Goseki's finger clean.

"Nngh," Goseki said weakly, tugging his wrist out of Hashimoto's grip and wondering exactly how surprised and/or compliant Hashimoto would be if Goseki admitted that Goseki was indeed about to retract his earlier words about being thoroughly relaxed.

But in the half-second that he was thinking about it, Hashimoto let his sweatpants snap back into place and rolled over onto his side, far enough to kiss the corner of Goseki's mouth and hum a sweet, "Thanks, Goseki-kun." He tucked his chin against Goseki's shoulder, curling his whole body along Goseki's side, furiously warm and thrumming pleasantly with tiny aftershocks. Then he was out like a light.

Goseki crinkled his mouth in annoyance, cursing himself for getting exactly what he'd asked for.

"Oi," Goseki shouldered Kawai's head. "Wake up!"

"Eh, what now?" Kawai demanded blearily.

Hashimoto didn't even stir when Kawai slipped off the bed with a crash that shook the room.

Goseki did feel slightly appeased, on the other hand, when Totsuka called over to ask whether anybody was broken, and Goseki told them to bring their asses over and find out, since it was all their fault anyway.

The next morning, nobody was well-rested for the shows (except for Hashimoto), nor was anybody speaking to Goseki (also except Hashimoto, who wanted to know if Goseki would be his guru and also maybe his aircon).

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