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On TV last night, Lenny from L&O told a bartender that he should've read Moby Dick to get girls. he responded, "I never got past "Look Jane, See Dick". AFterwards, sociofemme tried to repeat the comment.

Ellen: "What was it again? 'Watch Jane See Dick'?"
me: "No, Ellen, That's porn."

Well, I broke down and am now crocheting a christening outfit for Julie's impending child. I called her mom last night to make sure they don't buy one in the meantime. I told her in two weeks i should know whether or not i can get the thing done. You have to use that tiny cotton thread, so it's taking me a while, but i'm getting better.

Also at AC Moore, I discovered that gel rings are the perfect size to be gel bracelets for the new MLPS. *squeals* I always use gel bracelets to mark members of my herd, but this is much cuter!

In other news, the Harry Dresden Files by Jim Butcher kick ASS! I've ripped through three books this week, only to discover the fifth one isn't coming out until august! They speak Latin at their big wizard meeting, unfortunately for Harry, who then tries to apologize for wearing his flannel bathrobe. he actually tells them, "I am a sorry excuse, a sad long day held me. I need me a different laundress. Excuses to you for my being dressed and I also make lately."

"Damn correspondance course."

Has anybody else read those?
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