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I'm on Toma Overload. Tomaload?

I had kind of a rough night, as I always do, and barely slept, but I survived my first day back. Now I just have to do it...190 more times. ugh.

My PLAYZONE soundtrack is STILL not here, despite the fact that Rachel got hers last week and they totally shipped at the same time! This is crap! But my Taiko DS game got here, so I had fun working my way through the Japanese menus and options. I'm like a five-year-old sounding words out D: but hey, i can manage it, and that's more than most people.

Drama night number 4 was tonight, and episode 7 of Voice (the one with the alarm clock) made me sob. god this show. Also nothing can convince me that Hanei and Teppei are not boyfriends. I want fic where Hanei's mother puts an apron on Teppei and forces him to cook with her and calls it family bonding and Hanei beats on Teppei a lot because that's how he expresses all his deeper emotions.

And then we watched ep 6 of HanaKimi, and I want Nakatsu to get Mizuki so badly. why are all my favorite pairings like completely doomed? Not that I dislike Sano or anything, but Toma is ready to give up his heterosexuality after deep soul-searching! Now all he's concerned about is who will be the Daddy when they go to their child's teacher meetings!

bah, dramas. the least you guys could do is write me hot fic about my ridiculous pairings.
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