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Title: Roommates [Kitayama/Nikaido]
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: Their rooming assignments in Sapporo are…not what they expected. Nikaido and Kitayama make the best of the situation.
AN: Rachel and I decided that neither one of us wrote enough this month. 1-hour challenge ftw.


Their rooming assignments in Sapporo are…not what they expected.

Still, it's not like this is the first time this has happened (Nikaido smells the machinations of Kawai like a hawk senses mouse droppings) and it's easy enough to switch. Or it least it would be except that Senga has already grabbed Fujigaya's hand and is dashing towards the elevators, wondering loudly if their room will have a good view, leaving Nikaido and Kitayama blinking at each other.

"Che," Kitayama shrugs while Nikaido splutters, "at least you won't hog the bath."

Nikaido is still grumpy when they grab the next elevator and find out that the room connected to theirs is Miyata and Tamamori's, and even the fact that their room must plainly have the superior view, since Senga and Fujigaya's room is across the hall and faces the parking lot, doesn't chase away all of his scowl.

He turns away from the window and finds Kitayama sprawled on his back on the clearly optimal bed, the one that the aircon isn't blasting directly upon.

"Oi!" Nikaido snaps, not at all in the mood. "I just put my shit down there!"

Kitayama's eyes are closed and he doesn't bother to open them. "Come and get it, brat."

Nikaido is at the bed in two strides and still hasn't quite decided whether he's going to murder Kitayama or what when he drops on top of him, careless with his knees and elbows.

They wrestle for a minute, until Kitayama rolls Nikaido over onto his back and forces his wrists into the mattress up by his head. His eyes are open now, just enough to run a lazy, narrow gaze over Nikaido's body.

"What's the matter?" Kitayama purrs, voice low and silky. "Can't sleep without your teddy bear? I bet Taipi'll sleep just fine…"

"Off, get off," Nikaido snarls, bucking against Kitayama. Kitayama just grins and gives a little hum of satisfaction, and a second later when Kitayama rocks his hips back down, Nikaido understands way.

"That's the first good suggestion you've made all day," Kitayama says. Nikaido snarls even harder when he can't stop his hips from rising into Kitayama's as Kitayama grinds down against him, but Kitayama just gives a throaty laugh. "So easy, Nika-chan."

"Fuck you, you didn't have to sit next to Senga's teasing the whole way up here." Nikaido's voice is sharp, but his eyes are slipping shut, and he isn't struggling against Kitayama's grip anymore.

"No, but I did sit in front of Tama-chan and Miyacchi," Kitayama counters, "and they aren't quite as stealthy as they seem to think they are."

Which goes a long way towards explaining how hard Kitayama is already. Nikaido can't help but imagine it, Tamamori curled up against Miyata's shoulder, pretending to be asleep, his coat thrown over them not for warmth but to hide Miyata's hand in his lap, Tamamori murmuring things in Miyata's ear…

"Fuck," Nikaido groans, shifting as his cock strains against his jeans, the heat and press of Kitayama over him not helping matters any. "I'll suck you if you do me."

"Who goes first?" Kitayama wants to know, and he sounds casual, but Nikaido sees the heat flare in Kitayama's eyes. "And don't think that Ken-chan doesn't tell me all about your post-coital state, so no tricks, Nika-chan."

"Same time then?" Nikaido wants to know, and Kitayama scrambles off of him so fast that Nikaido shivers from the sudden cold of the aircon hitting his skin.

It's a bit of a shame, because now Nikaido won't be able to watch Kitayama do it, his mouth stretched slick and pink around Nikaido's cock, his hair mussed from Nikaido's hands. But it was his suggestion after all, and Nikaido can't say he has any complaints after they've both kicked their jeans and underwear off and Kitayama is dragging blunt nails up Nikaido's inner thigh.

Kitayama's cock is flushed and heavy, and Nikaido licks his lips unconsciously as Kitayama finishes shifting positions and gets an arm around Nikaido's waist to yank them close enough to do it properly. He gives Kitayama's tip a test lick, tasting salt, and the ragged moan Kitayama muffles against Nikaido's hip goes straight to his own cock.

And then Kitayama's mouth is on him, searing hot, and Nikaido loses all sense of what he's doing for a second. Kitayama flexes his hips impatiently, making his cock bump Nikaido's mouth, and Nikaido parts his lips on instinct. Kitayama is thick and heavy on his tongue and Nikaido moans around him, trying to concentrate even while Kitayama hums around Nikaido's cock and uses his free hand to feather touches underneath Nikaido's balls.

Cheater, he wants to complain, but his mouth is occupied. Instead he tucks his arm against his chest so that he can wrap it around the base of Kitayama's cock, so that he can jerk Kitayama off at the same time as keeping him from thrusting into Nikaido's throat too deeply.

Kitayama's making noises now, soft growls and encouragements, noises that are muffled by Nikaido's cock but make Nikaido's blood run hotter anyway. He knows if Kitayama could talk he'd be saying ridiculous, dirty shit, things he'd like to do to Nikaido or how desperate Nikaido looks for it, how if Kitayama had long enough and did it right he could make Nikaido come all over himself without even touching him.

Nikaido imagines Kitayama bending him over the desk, fucking Nikaido's ass like he's fucking his mouth, and Nikaido comes sudden and sharp, only Kitayama's arm around his waist keeping him from yanking himself right out of Kitayama's mouth.

For a few seconds, he's disoriented, until Kitayama gives his bare ass a ringing slap. "Yo, get on with it down there!" he snaps, voice tight, and Nikaido remembers that there's a cock in his mouth for a reason.

Kitayama doesn't take much longer, thankfully, his fingers tightening on Nikaido's thighs just before he spills over Nikaido's tongue, both of them groaning. Panting, Nikaido peels himself away from Kitayama's skin to lie on his back, wishing he'd had the foresight to bring a pillow from the head of the bed so he wouldn't have to move now. He hears Kitayama roll onto his back as well, and they stay like that, lying in opposite directions and both of them with their T-shirts still on, ridiculously.

"I'm not giving up the bed," Kitayama announces a little while later. He sounds half-asleep, but stubborn, and Nikaido scowls at the ceiling.

Kitayama makes up for it a little while after that when he reaches over to palm Nikaido's cock, still within easy reach.

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