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The Dentist! Also a Pimp

Went to the dentist this afternoon, and now everything in my mouth hurts. I hate the dentist! I have awesome teeth (never had one cavity) and it's still like being probed by aliens with awful buzzing machines and you are just as sore afterward. HATE. and then i tried to go send in my passport renewal stuff and the passport thing at the post office closes at 4. FAIL.

Beth put up a new post over at je100, and this week's theme is Samurai. Go write me fic! I want lots of people calling Tackey "Takizawa-dono." or you know, whatever. The last couple weeks have contained a good deal of ABC-Z fic among other things, so feel free to troll about the tags (like this ABC-Z tag right here) and find yourself some cute ficlets to read.

AND COMMENT. i've had a bunch of conversations lately with people about what a low-comment-yield fandom JE is. honestly guys, I realize that some of you feel you must lurk for whatever reason, but dropping a comment to say "I read this and enjoyed it" even if you don't say anything else takes you just a couple seconds and makes everybody feel good.

I mean, if you want the good authors in your fandom, the way to do it is to be good readers. And lord knows JE could use a few more good authors.
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