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Please Let Expedia Know What It's Talking About

We got confirmation from all three of our hotels, and i had to hand over some money to one of them, so...looks like musikologie and I are going to Japan in December. Yay?

Ha, it's not that I'm not ecstatic, but I do have to go into work tomorrow and beg for them to let me not show up when I am, you know, making it worldwide and such, and I'm scared they'll just be like "no, don't be stupid" and also the flight we need seems to be maybe sort of sold out (or maybe not?) depending on where we look.

I'll be honest, when I was sort of pitching this idea just after the "kisumai gets concerts" announcement, it was all, well if they miraculously hit some date i maybe can do it and if maybe somebody else can go, and it was all this vague pipedream. And then "some shows" became "a tour" and then I figured other people's parents would say no, and everybody said yes I kind of...have to...say yes too.

Damn. I kind of thought everybody else would tell me this was stupid and to be sensible. THIS IS TOO MUCH DRAMA. Now I'm going to go to bed and completely fail to sleep while I think about this uselessly much longer. and also about how much I really, really don't want to ask my principal for things. the irony of the situation is that i will be begging them not to pay me.

Jackoweskla: wtf it gave us two different flights ...i put in the wrong date NEVER MIND
Mousapelli: beth stop scaring me, i'm doing a good enough job on my own
J: i'm stil getting a different date, but it's less ominous now. PRICE I MEAN PRICE. GOD.
M: ahahahahaha at least you're cute. this is like trying to book a vacation with hasshi
J: D:
M: except i think we're both hasshi
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