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In the eternal hunt for anything that will fix my decidedly low Japanese listening skills, I've been plugging away at for a couple days now. They're pretty entertaining, with breakups and everything, and I've been digging through the lower intermediate lessons (because my listening sucks and i'm going to fail the JLPT3 like CRAZY if i don't find something that can fix it).

But sometimes there's little bonus bits to the podcast, and the bonus on this one just made me crack the hell up. (you have to belong to the site to hear the thing, and also i think that one's past the free material, so sorry, but I know one or two of you use the site too). The site overall is pretty good as a learning resource, and the basic account is reasonable, so I recommend. Also I found a badass coupon here for 65% off, so my 6-month basic subscription ran me a grand total of $12.60.

In other news, I'm meeting my parents for dinner at Friendly's in a bit, because they have been showing this commercial for Friendly's near me that looks SO GOOD OMG, and so all week my craving for it has just gotten more and more intense. MUST HAVE HAPPY ENDING NOM NOM NOM. And then afterwards I'm baby-sitting my nephew, if by 'baby-sit' i mean 'be in the same house with him while he sleeps.'

3-day weekend スタート!
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