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Everything Hurts

EVERYTHING HURTS. The foot is much better (although i'm not running marathons or anything) but around 3rd period the period hit and all i had on me was excedrin, which isn't optimal, and i didn't take it fast enough.

as previously mentioned, they've been getting steadily worse the whole year, and so now I'm at the point where unmedicated the cramps are bad enough that my back starts to hurt too, so sitting in my chair was out. so I spent my off-periods in the middle of the day wandering around, trying to look like I was on some errand and not just wandering around (I find holding a folder helps), and chatting with various random people in various break rooms about the building.

hopefully my dad will bring me food so i never have to leave my couch ever again. uuuuugh.

I saw Surrogates, the Bruce Willis thing with my parents, and at the end, when the thing that's a huge spoiler at the end happens, my dad was like "well, would you do it?" and i was like, are you fucking with me, as soon as the metallic bodies are out, I AM THERE. I don't care if it's pretty or not so long as all the parts work!

PS - dear body, maybe if you want to fool people into reproducing with you you should STOP BEING SO EFFING BROKEN HALF THE TIME.
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