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My JE100 drabble for AU week started out at 160 words, so here's the uncut version:

Title: A Bond Between Men [Nakatsu/Ashiya]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Nakatsu's not in a hurry.
AN: for je100's AU week, the uncut version which way over. It makes me so sad this has to be AU.

A Bond Between Men

Nakatsu strolls back to his room, whistling. He has to sidestep the head of Dorms 1 and 3 strangling each other and Nanba-senpai failing miserably to escape Nakao, but Nakatsu barely notices.

He kissed Ashiya. They'd been walking back from class, the sun warm, the bees buzzing, Ashiya nattering on about something or other, and Nakatsu for no reason at all had grabbed Ashiya's shoulders, shoved him up against the sun-warm brick, and kissed him.

Ashiya shoved him off, brown eyes wide, before fleeing, but Natatsu had felt it: the pounding of Ashiya's heart and the stiff line of Ashiya's cock pressed against his hip.

It's fine, Nakatsu thinks. He's not in a hurry.

Nakatsu throws open the door to his room, and announces, "LOOKS LIKE YOU NEED A NEW ROOMMATE!"

Kayashima already knew, given that he's two steps from hugging Nakatsu tightly in congratulations, and Nakatsu beams even harder because he doesn't need to read auras to know that Kayashima isn't going anywhere.

Or you can read the final 100 word edit here.
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