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Also I'm Totally Through With Editing My Dad's Novel

I want to like Glee so much, but I just think that I can't. It's honestly painful for me to watch because all the junk about their school that's supposed to be campily exaggerated for comedic purpose, isn't actually exaggerated at all. It's not the first time this has happened. I have trouble watching Simpson's episodes that are too heavily about Ms. Krabaple these days too.

in case you couldn't tell from my last abysmal post, i'm really through with my job and everybody at it and possibly public education in general. I am way too smart for this stupid job and there has to be some other way I can get people to hand me money.

there's money in romance novels, right? If i write a male/male romance novel for NaNo next month, you guys'll buy it, right?
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