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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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Me Up All Night Honking Me Horn

Back from Ohio. hightlights of the return drive include my parents singing along to Ave Q and me forcing them to listen to my JLPT3 listening section practice cd in revenge.

tired and cranky now and not in any way looking forward to school tomorrow. TOO MANY PEOPLE. DO NOT WANT. At least the guinea pig survived his little visit with my parents' two guinea pigs and I did get a whole bunch of crocheting and 358/2 done. I just beat the big battering ram thing outside the Beast's Castle. I have to say that I am really amused by all the skulking around Roxas and the Org members do in places where Sora either hasn't shown up yet, or sort of in between other KH goings on and whatnot.

but i swear, Roxas's little sex noise "uhh" is driving me up the wall. every time I hear it I feel like it gets more obscene, and at this point when Roxas informs Axel "You spend all your time in bed" i was like "WELL CLEARLY YOU WOULD KNOW."

Also i love Demyx. Just, I love him so much. SO MUCH. I hope a bunch of ABC-Z and Kisumai all play the mission modes together (speaking of that, WHO WANTS TO DO MISSION MODE WITH ME?)

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