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Fic, KAT-TUN/Kis-My-Ft2, Slave of Love Juice

Reveals are up for jerainbowbridge, and I receieved A-ha, which is Fujigaya/Kawai or maybe just Kisumai/ABCZ and all in all is glorious.

Also, I wrote this:

Title: Slave of Love Juice [Jin/Nikaido/Senga]
Rating/Warnings: R for threesome, blowjobs.
Summary: Jin is bound and determined to keep KAT-TUN from losing their best backdancers, no matter how naked he has to get.
AN: Written for imifumei for the 2009 JE Rainbow Bridge exchange. Thanks to my two betas, and apologies to Tackey & Tsubasa for the title.

Slave of Love Juice

"And A.B.C.-Z and Kis-My-Ft2 are backing us," Kame finishes up his news from the planning meeting for their Break the Records tour. Koki and Junno grin at each other while Nakamaru makes a noise like feedback, but Jin doesn't even look up from his DS.

"Of course they are," he snorts. Taiko no Tatsujin gives a loud don as if punctuating his statement.

Kame eyes Jin's ungainly sprawl over the couch. "You say 'of course' but…" He trails off meaningfully and Koki cocks his head.

"Did you hear something?" he asks, then wraps an arm around Kame's shoulders and leans in, all casual conspiracy. "Just between us, you can say. You heard something about Kisumai, right?"

"No, I didn't. Let go of me, you gossip." Kame rolls his eyes, but doesn't bother pushing Koki's arm off him. "But they're taking over PLAYZONE, aren't they?"

"They are, they are!" Junno bobs his head happily. "One small step for Shounentai, one big leap for…"

"They have a naming song now," Nakamaru interrupts.

"And colors," Ueda puts in from the corner where he's trying very hard to pretend that he's a solo act with artistic integrity.

"Feels like that sort of thing, doesn't it?" Kame sums up with a nod.

Jin finally lifts his head to examine everybody else's expression, trained for experience to search for pranks and missions. "Are you saying," Jin finally says slowly, "that you think my best backdancers are…"

"Don't jinx it," Nakamaru warns, giving Jin a sharp eye. Jin makes a derisive noise, but the effect is reduced since he's chewing on his lower lip in what passes for a thoughtful look on his face.

"All I'm suggesting," Kame shrugs, finally pushing Koki away when the fingers stroking along his collarbone get distracting, "is that you shouldn't take them for granted so much."

"Che, you girl," Jin dismisses the whole conversation. He goes back to his DS, but even beating the Gekiranger theme on oni difficulty doesn't drive the frown entirely from his mouth.


Jin's almost managed to forget the whole thing when Kis-My-Ft2 really does show up for their first practice together.

"They look normal enough to me," he grouses to Ueda, peering over his sunglasses as Senga and Miyata start doing Junno's uchiwa dance from last tour while Fujigaya and Koki exchange increasingly obscene gang signs.

"Hm," says Ueda.

Jin turns to follow his gaze he finds Yokoo greeting Kame properly, and then notices Kitayama slouching along at Yokoo's shoulder, and even Jin can't deny that if their leader looks that good with his layers pinned up and scowling sleepily, Kisumai's stage presence may be ready for the big time.

"Fine, they're hot," he grumbles, "but I still don't think…"

"Not him," Ueda interrupts. "Him."

Jin turns a little more, and if Kitayama makes him pause, the guy on the other side makes Jin's breath actually catch, and it takes him a second even to recognize who it is.

"When in the hell did that happen</i>?" he hisses, but Ueda just shrugs. Jin catches Nakamaru roughly by the elbow as he wanders by and demands, "When did Tamamori get like that?!"

"Hm?" Nakamaru looks over his shoulder. "Tama-chan? Little while ago, I guess. Don't you watch anything? He had another growth spurt."

"That," Jin points accusingly, like this is all Nakamaru's fault, "is not a growth spurt! That's a…a…"

"Transformation?" Ueda supplies, making Jin glare.

"Yes, yes, becoming a man is a gradual and mysterious process," Nakamaru pats Jin's hand and then shoves it off his arm, "and someday you may go through it as well."

Spluttering, Jin turns to Ueda for support, only to find Ueda exchanging greetings with Nikaido, who looks like he's taking his looks from Kitayama (but his fashion advice from NEWS). When he says as much, Nakamaru just shrugs and says it's just a good thing Nikaido's not being taught to dress himself by Senga.

"I can't deal with this," Jin announces to nobody, and then goes to find a vending machine with coffee.


"Hi, Jin-kun!" Senga chirps, bouncing up and dragging a rather ruffled Nikaido along by the wrist. "We'll be backing you for this part, so please take care of us!"

"Nngh," Jin says, and then, because Senga is still staring at him expectantly, eventually adds, "work hard, then."

"Yup!" Senga shoves Nikaido towards his position, and then they both wait for Jin to get started, ready to go.

So Jin gets on with it, all the while wondering when Kisumai got so damned professional. And good at everything. And tall.

There's no way around it, he's been realizing, Kis-My-Ft2 is growing up, have already grown up, even the youngest two who are currently kicking his ass at his own choreography, and it won't be long before they finally outgrow the comfortable backing job for which KAT-TUN's been using them for the last half-decade.

"Want help?" Senga asks when Jin fumbles the same chunk of choreo several passes in a row. Senga is drenched in sweat himself, but his hopeful grin doesn't fade at all in the face of Jin's scowl.

Jin's irritation dies down a little when he notices that Nikaido is using the break to down his water bottle and also looking at Senga like he's a freak.

"Okay," Jin agrees, figuring he might as well give in to the insanity.

But, wonder of wonders, the kid actually seems to know what he's doing, and it takes him about thirty seconds to show Jin where he's been tripping up, even if he does keep chattering the entire time.

"So it's easy to fix if you count it right," Senga rambles on, "but you know, I've been thinking, rather than fixing it, wouldn't this look much cooler?"

He repeats the trouble spot without missing a count, and what he does makes Jin's original choreo look about as cool Nakajima-kun's tap dancing in comparison. Also Senga has gone from cute kouhai to wouldn't-mind-meeting-you-behind-the-coatrack kouhai, and Jin hates himself more than a little for even thinking about it.

"Plus, it's easier!" Senga stops with a flourish and tilts his head. "What do you think?"

"You're pretty good at this, huh?" Jin asks after a moment.

Senga lights up like the sun. "Really? Ah, no, it's nothing really! But, um, I hang out a lot with Yara-senpai lately, so I guess it's rubbing off on me…"

"Guess so," Jin says dryly, then shakes himself. "All right, show me that again."


"Okay, so maybe it's not all bad," Jin says to Koki at lunch a few days later, ignoring the salad he's supposed to be eating because he'd told one of the catering ladies that he'd sign anything she wanted if she found him a cheeseburger.

He hopes that using his sexy voice made it clear that what he wants to sign is her boobs.

"Are you kidding me?" Koki says, pulling Jin's thoughts back to the present and his lo-cal dressing. "It's great. Thank god they're all legal finally."

"Eh?" Jin raises an eyebrow. Koki makes a V with two fingers and then wiggles his tongue between them. "Ugh, gross! Fuck, I thought all that shit about you and Fujigaya-kun was just Ueda seeing fairies again."

"What me and Taipi have is a bond between men, yo," Koki informs him, thumping his heart with a fist, and Jin makes gagging noises. "But I don't mind if he brings along a little friend or two, and, you know, sometimes shit goes down and you just have to go with the…" Koki rolls his eyes at Jin's scrunched expression. "Oh fuck you anyway, after all the freaky shit you get up to in our hotel rooms."

"Groupies are different!" Jin protests.

"Uh-huh. The only difference is that my groupies are in-house." Koki takes a smug bite of his own salad while Jin splutters. He swallows and adds, "And they're legal."

"Oh my god," Jin's face just scrunches up in further horror, "no wonder he's always hanging around and calling you and asking if he can…perform…" Jin trails off for a second, and Koki raises an eyebrow just before Jin exclaims, "YOU'RE A GENIUS!"

"Okay," Koki raises an eyebrow and takes another bite. "Because?"

"We'll seduce them into staying!" Jin exclaims, then looks around as if to make sure nobody has overheard and will steal his genius plan. "Or I will, since Fujigaya notwithstanding, I think we know who's preferable in this unit."

Koki raises the other eyebrow, but goes on eating placidly.

"It'll totally work!" Jin insists, a maniacal light coming into his eyes. "It can't be that hard, if half of them have slept with you," Koki snickers at the word 'half,' but Jin ignores him. "I'll just slip them a little Love Juice, and then they'll be begging to stay our back dancers!"

"I thought you said it wasn't all bad?" Koki inquires finally.

"Koki, think about it! if we don't act fast, Kisumai is going to desert us for a long and fruitful career on their own, and we'll be left with the weirdoes! Our MC will just be Kawai-kun doing a twenty-minute long impression of Matsumoto!"

"What do you care about the MC anyhow?" Koki scoffs.

Jin points across the open area, and Koki leans around him to see Mis Snow Man all watching while Sanada-kun tries to shove a whole onigiri in his mouth at once. No one moves when Sanada plainly starts to choke.

"Okay," Koki admits, "maybe they aren't optimal. Yet. But as fun as having Kisumai around is, we can't keep 'em forever, you know."

"Not if we don't try!" Jin stands up so fast his folding chair overturns, then marches off as if into battle, armed only with his favorite weapon of choice.

"What was that about?" Junno asks, just now arriving to lunch, and he picks up Jin's chair and sits down in.

"Nothing," Koki shrugs, "don't worry about it," and Junno isn't any less confused when a well-bosomed catering woman arrives and sets a cheeseburger down in front of him.


Jin decides to start with his own pair of backers, since they're young and impressionable and probably already sweaty. He starts to push the door to the soundproof practice open, but pauses with it barely ajar when he hears voices from inside.

"…maybe we should wait until—NIKA!"

"Pfft, he's always late getting back anyway, nobody'll interrupt us."

And then Jin hears the distinctive thump of somebody's knees hitting the floor, and thinks to himself that maybe this would be even easier than he had previously thought.

Sure enough, when Jin pushes the door open the whole way several seconds later, Nikaido has his back pressed up against the mirrored wall, one hand curled tightly around the bar and the other hand fisted in Senga's hair. Senga is on his knees in front of Nikaido, head bobbing slowly, and although Jin can't see anything good, he can hear the soft, wet sounds of somebody who knows what he's doing.

Suddenly Jin is glad that his sweatpants are loose.

Nikaido looks up at Jin's sharp intake of air, eyes widening, but Jin shakes his head and makes a "shush" motion. Nikaido's eyes narrow, but he doesn't stop Senga, and after a second, he shrugs one of his shoulders a little, just enough for Jin to see.

He keeps his eyes on Jin, although he glances down every few seconds to see Senga, and Jin wishes that he could see too, Senga's face flush and his lips puffy and wet wrapped around Nikaido's cock. Jin shifts a little just thinking about it, and Nikaido smirks.

"Mm, Ken-chan," he says in a low growl, "you look so good doing that. You really like sucking my dick, huh? You like having my dick in your mouth?"

Senga moans a muffled but unmistakable agreement, and Jin swallows a groan of his own. You'll pay for that later, he promises Nikaido with his eyes as he shoves a hand into his sweats to wrap around his own cock. Nikaido just smirks harder and goes on talking; Jin tugs at himself in rhythm with the bob of Senga's head and contemplates exactly what he's going to do with the pair of them.

Finally he can't take it anymore. Jin crosses the room in half a dozen strides and leans against the bar next to Nikaido, close enough that their thighs are brushing. It takes Senga a second to catch on, his eyes fluttered shut with pleasure, and damn if the sight isn't everything Jin had been imagining and better, Senga's cheeks pink and hollowed around Nikaido's cock, and when he does open his eyes, they're dark enough to make Jin's heart skip.

"Eh?!" Senga yelps when he notices Jin looking down at him, and flails, knocking himself onto his butt. He winces both at the impact and the yank of Nikaido's hand coming free from his hair and scowls at both of them. "You said he wouldn't be back!"

"Akanishi Jin early for something?" Nikaido brushes a few of Senga's hairs off of his hand and uses it to replace Senga's mouth. "The world must, nngh, be ending."

"Fuck off," Jin says casually, eyeing Senga's annoyed pout and not liking what he sees any less. Jin's still stroking his own cock slowly, and he flexes his wrist so that his sweats slip down and Senga can see too. "You like sucking dick in general? Or just his?"

"Well—" Senga starts, but he's interrupted by Nikaido bursting into laughter. Nikaido laughs hard enough that he has to let go of his cock and grab the bar on both sides to keep from doubling over. Senga's scowl deepens, just before he turns back to Jin, and the scowl melts away into something else that's all big eyes and the tip of Senga's tongue tracing his bottom lip. "Will you make it worth my while, senpai?"

"Fuck yes," Jin agrees immediately, and he reaches down for Senga at the same time as Senga climbs back to his knees. Senga's mouth is hot and wet on Jin's cock faster than Jin can even wrap his fingers in Senga's hair, and he makes a grab for the bar with the other hand as his knees threaten to buckle.

"Oi," Nikaido grumbles, and both of them ignore them at first, but a few seconds later, Jin sees Senga bring one hand up to wrap around the base of Nikaido's cock. Nikaido grunts and flexes into it, and Senga strokes him a little, squeezing him in half-time to the rhythm he's sucking Jin off to. "He's good, right?"

"Yeah," Jin agrees, voice rough. Senga's staring up at both of them, watching. "He always watch like that?"

"Likes to see who he's sucking off," Nikaido answers, then adds in a more acidic tone, "otherwise he'd have a hard time keeping track." Senga narrows his eyes and tightens his grip, making Nikaido hiss, but then Nikaido moans right after as he thrusts harder into Senga's fist. "Let go of him a second, I'm close."

Always generous during a blowjob, Jin lets go of Senga's hair and watches as Nikaido reaches down to cup Senga's jaw and draw him back over to his own cock. Jin groans when the cold air hits his skin, wet from Senga's mouth, and he goes back to stroking himself, thumbing his tip at the top of his stroke.

Nikaido does seem close, closer yet when Senga goes back to sucking him in earnest, eyes falling shut and the back of his head thunking against the glass of the mirror. Senga's clutching at Nikaido's bare hip with the hand that he was stroking him with earlier, tight enough that Jin can see Senga's fingertips digging into Nikaido's hips, holding him still as Senga sinks down even farther on Nikaido's cock, deeper than Jin would have figured one of Kisumai's lead singers would dare to.

"Kento," Nikaido whispers, the pitch of his voice desperate, and Senga draws back enough to suck at Nikaido's head. Nikaido lets go of Senga's face to fist himself sharply, and after only a couple strokes, he shudders violently, pressing himself tight against the wall.

"Hmm," Senga hums around him, pushing Nikaido's limp hand out of the way to suck him clean, stroking at Nikaido's hipbone with his thumb.

Jin is pretty close himself after that display, but he does his best to sound unaffected when he asks, "He swallows?"

Nikaido's too far gone to answer yet, although he does glare at Jin through slit eyes. Senga rocks back on his knees and wipes the back of his hand over his mouth.

"I swallow for Nika," he says, the implication clear, and Nikaido's fierce glare mellows to merely keenly possessive as he lifts a hand to stroke through Senga's hair.

"Whatever, whatever, just get on with it," Jin waves their explanations off, not caring at all where the mess goes so long as he gets to make it, and soon. His cock is throbbing in his hand, need coursing hot through his veins. "If I wanted to jerk myself off, I'd have just shoved Koki into the bathroom."

"That's what you do with Koki-kun?" Senga asks as he shifts back over towards Jin. He gives Jin a grin which is far, far too innocent. "Because you're doing it wrong, Jin-senpai."

"Less talking, more sucking," Jin orders sourly, and Senga laughs and complies, teasing at the head of Jin's cock with his tongue for a second before sliding his mouth over the first few inches. Jin doesn't bother trying to be nice and thrusts into the heat of Senga's mouth; surprisingly, Senga doesn't try to stop him, his eyes fluttering shut again. "So, if he doesn't swallow…"

Nikaido is slumped against the wall still, although he's turned himself enough to the side to get a good view. His hand is still in Senga's hair, stroking idly. He shrugs. "He can't really stop you doing anything else, you know?"

"Fuck," Jin curses, struggling not to come right then from the idea, and he manages to hang on for a little while longer. At least until Senga lets Jin thrust almost the whole way in and swallows around him. "Fuck!"

Senga jerks back at the first pulse of Jin's come, enough to let Jin slip from his mouth, but Nikaido tightens his grip to keep him from moving any further away, and he takes the rest of Jin's release across his nose and cheek.

"Holy fucking shit," Jin groans at the sight, his cock still twitching. Senga glares at them both, which somehow just makes it hotter, his lips pink and wet, Jin's come dripping sluggishly down his cheek.

"Jerks," Senga grumbles, lifting the hem of his T-shirt up to swipe at his face, showing glimpses of his tanned, muscled stomach, damp with sweat. He lets the shirt drop, and then lets himself fall back onto his ass again, bracing himself on his hands and spreading out his legs in front of him. "Somebody owes me two blowjobs."

Nikaido doesn't move, except to raise an eyebrow at Jin.


The rest of Kis-My-Ft2 hardly poses a challenge.

Jin goes after the rest of Ft2 the next day after lunch, tricking Kame out of the room by locking Iwamoto in a closet while making ghost noises and then telling Watanabe that Kame is an amateur medium. Sure Tamamori had seemed a bit confused at first, but then Miyata had stumbled into the dressing room looking for Tamamori, and once Miyata's pants were off everything went smoothly enough.

Jin feels good enough to chance Yokoo later in the afternoon, and if Yokoo moans some names from NEWS instead of KAT-TUN, Jin's okay with that so long as Yokoo is still moaning about senpai of some sort. The day after that Jin practically trips over Kitayama napping and just lets nature take its course. Kitayama comandeers the couch afterward, but after what he's been doing on it most afternoons, Jin can't say that he wanted to lie on it anyhow.

It's Fujigaya who proves hardest to pin down, although that's not so much a matter of reluctance as of availability. Fortunately for the plan, Jin's an excellent team player, and Koki's reasonably flexible thanks to all his Koki's Boot Camp sessions.

By the time their Dome tour actually starts, Jin feels more than confident that he's done all that he can, twice, and that Kis-My-Ft2's status as KAT-TUN's permanent and sexy backdancers is assured. Nobody can hold out against the Love Juice, after all.

He still starts working his way through A.B.C.-Z next, though. Just in case they get any crazy ideas.


Weeks later, Jin isn't feeling so confident. Although it takes him a while to feel anything through the haze of over-the-counter medications.

"A tour, huh?" Kame says when Nakamaru tells them the news. "Ah, finally. It's to be expected, isn't it?"

Koki scowls down at Jin, who's sprawled across the couch in the ready room, surrounded by a sea of tissues and blankets, and cuddling a pillow that the none of the rest of them would touch for a million yen.

Unsympathetic, Koki whacks Jin across the back of the head. "There go our backdancers! What happened to your brilliant plan?"

"Fuck you," Jin wheezes, cursing Niigata and pigs and Kis-My-Ft2 and everything else. "I did everything I could. Twice!"

Koki sighs and pulls out his phone to send a congratulatory mail to Fujigaya. There's always Countdown, he reasons. And it isn't like they can't hang out anymore.

He'll tell Fujigaya to bring all his little friends.

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