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Another Conversation With My Mother

Re: one of her birthday presents

Mom: "It's linen spray! You spray it on your pillow to relax yourself for sleep!"
Dad: "...don't spray that on my pillow."
Me: "It'll all lilacs and chamomile for you, buddy."
Dad: "Spray the dog's pillow if you want!"
Me: "Maybe you should just go ahead and spray the dog."
Mom: "Why? The dog sleeps just fine!"

My entire week has been nothing but a ridiculously long string of meetings, so now I'm finally just lying in a heap on my couch, but honestly I'm so exhausted I can't even enjoy it. I'm still up in the air about whether I'm doing DC on Saturday or not, not because I don't want to see everybody, but because it'll involve 4 total hours of driving and I'm just not sure I'm up for it.

But I did see my nephew at dinner. He's walking! instead of doing SO BIG with him though, they taught him to do "embargo...LIFTED!" ahahahahah my family.
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