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Title: How Miyata Became an Idol [Tamamori/Miyata]
Rating/Warnings: R for piercing leading to frottage.
Summary: Tamamori's mother has an excellent suggestion for Miyata's new idol look.
AN: During Kisumai wo Abake we realized Miyata had an earring and WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN. Plainly fic with self-piercers needed to happen.

How Miyata Became an Idol

"What Miyata-kun needs," Tamamori-san announces suddenly, as though it's perfectly normal for her to be sitting at breakfast with her son and his boyfriend and impart this kind of advice, "is an earring."

"What?" Miyata laughs while Tamamori chokes on his tea.

It actually is kind of normal for Tamamori-san both to have breakfast with them and to give just this sort of advice, a fact which Tamamori is now deeply regretting as he looks between Miyata and his mother.

"Don't be ridiculous," he says, trying to sound firm. Both of them summarily ignore him.

Resting her chin on her hand, Tamamori-san regards Miyata openly. "Miyata-kun looks so confident lately, ne. And the new haircut suits you well. You're like an idol after all, right?"

Miyata is wearing a T-shirt that looks a hundred years old and a borrowed pair of pajama bottoms six inches too long, his hair is sticking up in the back, and he's beaming so hard that his eyes are barely visible. Tamamori privately thinks that the only kind of idol Miyata looks like are the kind in the grainy videos that Fujigaya and Kitayama like to watch on Tackey-senpai's laptop.

"You think so?" Miyata looks so pleased with himself that Tamamori is considering dumping the rest of his tea over Miyata's head. "Eh, but I wonder what changed?"

"Hm," says Tamamori-san, and Tamamori's cheeks heat up immediately, because all three of them know exactly what changed. "But anyway, an earring is definitely part of an idol's sexy appeal, and so if you're going to look like an idol after all, you should get one, right?"

"I love your mother," Miyata says fervently when they escape upstairs to get dressed, making Tamamori frown. "She's so nice and pretty and makes the best food and...why are you glaring at me?"

"I'm not glaring at you," Tamamori grumbles. But his scowl melts away when Miyata leans in close to kiss his cheek suddenly.

"Moron," Miyata teases gently, wrapping his arms around Tamamori's waist. "Jealous?

"No." Tamamori shivers because Miyata's already stripped his shirt off. Miyata's low chuckle rubs against his skin.

"I only like her so much because she's just like you."

"Jerk," Tamamori says, but his voice is already breathy from Miyata brushing kisses along the underside of his jaw. "I can't cook. And you totally are not getting pierced."

Miyata makes a noncommittal noise and noses at Tamamori's line of piercings, making him squirm. "I also really like the fact that she never seems to care that it takes us three times as long to get dressed as normal people would."

They collapse on Tamamori's bed, and Tamamori is forced to admit that he agrees.


Miyata keeps bringing the piercing issue up casually over the next couple days, "a hoop or a stud, do you think?" and "Ne, Nika-chan, where'd you have yours done?" and "Mitsu, you like Fujigaya's, right?" until Tamamori finally has to put his foot down.

"Will you knock it off?" Tamamori hisses, yanking Miyata by the wrist away from where Kawai is waxing rhapsodic about the benefits of the tongue piercing. "Even if you were getting pierced, you definitely can't get anything weird!"

"I'm just exploring all the options," Miyata shrugs with a grin that is half about how cute he is and half about how Tamamori has zero right to call anybody else weird. "Are nipple piercings weird?"

"YES," Tamamori bellows. Behind him, the dressing room has fallen silent, and Tamamori fails utterly to fight down his blush.

"What about a lip ring?" Miyata tilts his head a little. "You know, that would feel really good against your--"

"WEIRD," Tamamori interrupts, and he presses the backs of his hands to his cheeks and wills everybody to just go away as Miyata asks a series of seemingly innocent questions about a bunch of other piercings which are in no way innocent at all.

"So what isn't weird then?" Miyata finally wants to know, eyes big and interested in Tamamori's opinion.

"You know, earrings!" Tamamori snaps, flustered beyond all reason. "Normal people get their ears pierced!"

"Ah~," Miyata says, satisfied, and goes back to changing. "I'll just do that, then."

It takes about half a minute for Tamamori's mortification to die down enough to realize that he's been utterly had, and then he tries to strangle Miyata with his animal-print swoosh. Nikaido comments to Fujigaya that Miyata really should get something interesting pierced since he seems to enjoy pain.


"You want me to what." Tamamori's voice is flat and his eyes are narrow.

Miyata just grins and drops the safety piercer into Tamamori's hand.

"No!" Tamamori tries to shove it back into Miyata's hands, but Miyata hides them behind his back. "I'm not doing it!"

"Aw, come on, Tama-chan," Miyata wheedles, sneaking a kiss against Tamamori's cheek. "It's called a safety piercer for a reason. Besides, I want you to."

The fight whooshes out of Tamamori all at once like air out of a balloon, and he plops down on the edge of his bed. "Why?"

Miyata shrugs at him, grinning. "You don't think it'll be hot? You having to hold me still, leaning in really close, putting the piercer up to my earlobe and..."

Tamamori swallows hard, because it is a pretty hot thought, doing something like that to Miyata, something permanent, and Tamamori's fingers flex at the thought of Miyata's earlobe between them, soft and vulnerable and warm with the rush of Miyata's blood.

"It'd be like you marked me, right?" Miyata coaxes, more softly, and Tamamori has to lean closer to catch all the words. "But somewhere that everybody can see it."

"They won't know I did it," Tamamori tries, but it's a weak protest at best.

Miyata gives Tamamori the small, heated smile that's only for him, the one that makes Tamamori's breath catch every time. "I'll know."

They settle on the carpet of the floor because it feels more stable underneath them, Tamamori leaning back against his bed for added stability. Miyata is sitting between Tamamori's spread legs, his own legs bent over Tamamori's thighs so that he can scrunch in close enough, his hands on Tamamori's waist. Tamamori's heart is speeding with the closeness of Miyata and the idea of what he's about to do, and Miyata gives him a smirk and nudges his own budding interest against Tamamori's.

"Don't distract me," Tamamori scolds. "Do you want me to pierce something weird accidentally? Don't answer that," he scowls harder when Miyata's smirk just gets wider. "Just let me concentrate."

Miyata makes his eyes big and innocent, and the only movement after that is the tiny shiver he gives when Tamamori rubs Miyata's earlobe between two of his fingers.

"Are you sure?" Tamamori asks for the last time, and he gets only a slow blink in return. He brushes Miyata's hair back out of the way with his free hand and holds it there. "Tell me if I hurt you."

"It's okay if you do," Miyata murmurs, and Tamamori has to take a deep breath before his hands are steady enough to get the piercer around Miyata's ear.

"On three, okay?" Tamamori says, and Miyata just blinks again because nodding is clearly out. "One...two..."

Tamamori squeezes the piercer as he says "three" and sharp click of it makes his hair stand on end, along with the feel of it puncturing Miyata's skin. Miyata gasps and digs his fingers into Tamamori's side. For a long second, they stay frozen like that, both of them staring at each other, wide-eyed, pressed close enough together that Tamamori can feel that both of of them are suddenly a lot more interested.

"Ow," Miyata hisses, breaking the spell, and Tamamori winces in sympathy as he tries to pull the piercer free gently. "You know, this is just like..."

"Don't," Tamamori groans, because he's having enough trouble concentrating without thinking about how this is just like Miyata trying to pull gently out of him, only in reverse, only now that he's thought about it at all, Tamamori can't stop thinking about it. Somehow, though, he holds himself together long enough to get the piercer out of the way and slide the stud in with reasonably steady hands.

As though he understands how tenuous Tamamori's control is, or maybe isn't so much in control himself, Miyata stays silent and still until Tamamori snaps the backing onto the stud. The click of it sounds loud in the silence between them, and so does the soft sigh of relief Tamamori gives as he lets his hand drop.

"It..." Tamamori's voice sounds hoarse and he has to swallow, "it looks good."

"Yeah?" Miyata's eyes are still wide, pupils dilated, his fingers still tight on Tamamori's waist.

"Does it hurt?" Tamamori asks. His did a little, he remembers, although not near as much as the cartilage piercings.

"Uh-huh." Miyata runs his tongue over his bottom lip. "Distract me?"

That's all the permission Tamamori needs to knock Miyata down onto his back on the carpet and to fall on top of him after, crushing their mouths together. Miyata curls his legs around Tamamori's waist as Tamamori presses down against him, too impatient to move up to the bed or even to fumble their clothes out of the way, or to do anything besides grind desperately against Miyata's answering hardness. Miyata just kisses him back, equally desperate, submissive and willing, and it's all backwards but it's so good that the thought of stopping doesn't even cross Tamamori's mind.

He works his hands into Miyata's hair, cushioning Miyata's head from the floor but tangling his fingers tight enough in the strands that Miyata gives a strangled moan against his mouth. The sharp, muffled noise goes right to Tamamori's cock, pushes him dangerously close to the edge. Tamamori tears his mouth away to gasp for air and struggles not to embarrass himself like a trainee.

"Fuck," Miyata gasps into the inch of space between them, "fuck, fuck," and then he shudders and cries out, fingers digging deep enough into Tamamori's skin to definitely bruise.

"Did," Tamamori asks after a second, "did you just..."

Miyata just groans and buries his face against Tamamori's neck. "If you loved me you'd come too so I don't have to kill myself."

When Miyata puts it like that, there's not much point in holding back, so Tamamori closes his eyes and concentrates on the thrum of Miyata's body wrapped tight around his, turns his head enough to find Miyata's mouth for another kiss, and after that it doesn't take so much for him to share Miyata's embarrassment.

"Better?" he murmurs eventually. He doesn't bother to open his eyes, just luxuriates in the warmth of the room and the heaviness of his limbs, in the familiar smell of Miyata's skin and sweat thick in his nose.

"The piercing?" Miyata asks, voice vague. "Or the killing myself?"

"Either?" Tamamori yawns. "Both."

"Good on both counts~," Miyata assures, and Tamamori laughs and rolls off him to stretch his back. He feels gross in a good way, sort of used as the adrenaline drains away, but he doesn't mind when he feels Miyata grab at his hand and turns his head to find Miyata grinning at him in sleepy adoration, hair wildly mussed, earring glinting in the fading afternoon sunlight trickling in the window.

Tamamori can't even get too worked up about it when his mother comes in without knocking and Miyata grins at her upside-down to ask what she thinks of his new piercing.

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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