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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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This is Because I Made Fun of Tabris's DBSK

I was ebaying for two different things, did the Buy It Now for both, and it turned out both of them were from the same seller. LMAO in all of ebay, what are the odds?! combined shipping win.

Also, YesAsia just shipped my Koreans! Hooray! This SS501 poster/photobook better be serious business, because SHINee cost me like a third of what they cost me. Bless the Koreans for being reasonably priced, if easily breakable.

You know what the problem with knitting is? When you screw it up, you can't just rip it all out willy-nilly like you can with crochet cause you drop half the little loops. oh well. even stripes are for losers.

My post is sort of schizophrenic, lol sorry. *goes back to failing at JLPT3 listening practice*
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