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Purely By Luck (The Official NaNo 2009 Filter Post)

*shamelessly copies post from last year* Except this year I got the year right on the first try.

It's roundabout that time again, boys and girls. This year I'm once again filtering for the NaNo fic (although the rest of you will no doubt still be subjected to my whining during the process), so comment if you want to read the NaNo as it goes up. if i don't have you friended, comment anyway, and I'll add you so you can go on the filter. Everyone who was on the filter last year is still on so you don't have to ask to be added, but feel free to tell me that you're reading again, or tell me if you want to be taken off.

If you can see this test post, you are on the filter.

You can also join ichiband_weekly, the official Chaotic Butterfly Fan and Fanworks comm. There's links in the sidebar of the comm if you want to (re)read the last two years' NaNos (Chaotic Butterfly and Unseen Wings). You can also either download both of those as a PDF for free, or else buy a hard copy of them and throw a little cash my way d^.^b

A summary to help you make an informed decision:

Working Title: Purely By Luck

Sakurai Yuuichi is one of those guys who things just happen to. His audition with Midareteku Entertainment, his best friend, his high school, everything in Sakurai's life seems to start out with a series of coincidences. When another junior leaves ME suddenly and Sakurai happens to be in the right place at the right time, his inclusion in the new unit 4leaf is just another twist of fate, so far as Sakurai is concerned.

Takayama Kouji, on the other hand, doesn't believe in luck or coincidence. It's not an easy philosophy to sell when your best friend is Sakurai and your unit's symbol is a four-leaf clover, but Kouji is determined to prove to Sakurai that they're in control of their own destiny.

Their bandmates aren't much help, either. Kurosawa Hideki avoids deep thought even more religiously than 8:00 AM vocal practice, and Tsukioka Ryu is just there to dance.

But as 4leaf gains popularity and adulthood looms for all four members, Sakurai and Kouji will have to balance their beliefs about chance and fate against the uncertainty of life in ME. Is their friendship destined to fall apart, or will they get a lucky break?

I realize that 99% of you demanded more Rin and Adachi and thus this probably is exactly the opposite of the summary you wanted to see, lol, but hopefully Sakurai and Kouji will appease you by the end.
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