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Kneel Before Zod

So I FINALLY managed to hash out the outline of the, sort of. Much like the Underwear Gnomes, I'm not really sure what happens in Part 2 so that Part 3 is PROFIT, but, you know, whatever.

So I guess I ought to actually start writing. Er. I think my record for 1st day NaNo before going to bed is like 300 words, and I'm not convinced of my ability to top that, frankly.

ETA: I should probably mention that my subject line is from lunch with my family, where my one-year-old nephew showed up wearing a superman costume complete with cape.
sister-in-law's mother: "Here, [older brother] watch him a minute" *sets him on seat of booth*
nephew: *makes grabby hands at older brother, who is his FAVORITE UNCLE OMG*
older brother: "KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!"

Those of you who have met my brothers will probably know immediately which brother I'm talking about.
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