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Nika Wins Again

My dad was like "come over for dinner, I have a surprise for you...and Nika." Now, Nika is my guinea pig, so lol. But anyway, when I showed up, he opened up the trunk of his Aztek and revealed the BIGGEST GUINEA PIG CAGE EVER.

Since Nika is the BIGGEST GUINEA PIG EVER this makes some sort of twisted sense, but seriously, I could put about three of his current cages inside it. *I* could totally fit inside this cage. Apparently some guy up the street from my parents was just throwing it out and my dad was like "HEY can I take that?!" and here we are.

So Nika will be living the high life after I clean him out tomorrow. Not that he doesn't live a pretty high life for a guinea pig anyway. Meanwhile, Massu the rat continues to lurk in the bottom of his cage like Ebenezer Scrooge, avoiding all human contact except for the ten seconds it takes him to come up and get his Cheerios.

Also, everybody including me fails at je100. Did anybody write this week at all? Minna, ganbatte!
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