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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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NOOOOOOOOOO. GReeeeN is breaking up! FAIL. I LOVE THEM. I will totally have to buy their last album in Japan this winter, as I've bought one of their albums each time I've been to Japan so far.

so much sadface D: D: D:

Nika is all set up in his new cage, which will now be referred to as YokoAri on account of the fact that it's so damn big that Nika looks like a normal-sized guinea pig on it. Poor Nika doesn't even know what to do in there, he's just like creeping back and forth from his box to his water bottle, all low to the ground.

All right, back to work on the NaNo. I've got to get out of Chapter 2, cause it's just sort of dragging along.

ETA: FALSE ALARM. Hide just blogged about the thing as some weird rumor and also gives the newspaper the finger. I love GReeeeN so much.
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