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Translation: GReeeeN's Hide's Blog About the Breakup Scare

Since I was reading through it anyway, and most of it was pretty easy, I ended up just translating Hide's blog about the GReeeeN breakup scare that just got reported in some newspapers. Not that I have any idea which sources are reliable or not, but Hide at least seems to think that this whole thing is pretty shocking and I tend to agree.

All mistakes are my own, corrections welcome.

Picture from original blog, link below

GReeeeN's Hide's 2009.11.05 Blog

Okay. I'm totally pissed off.

It's says we're breaking up. Us.


Here's a summary of the article:

"The 4-person group that released the single "KISEKI" this spring for [the high school baseball drama, Rookies], GReeeeN's release of a Best of album on the 25th will be their last release, as of the 4th. This is the same group whose members who are active dentists at the same time, who have been continuing both their studies and music activities at the same time. But, as a result of the members discussing their future together, from now on they've said that they've decided to move forward on the paths of being dentists. It's turned out that they'll put an end to their activities only 2 years after their debut."

What the hell is this??

Like every single word seems to have come out of our mouths,

or rather that it's not even going around as a rumor,

even though this didn't come out of our mouths, this "truth."

It's like although there's no fire in a place where there's smoke, saying that it was a huge fire to make money.

It's the worst, ne.

Everybody, there isn't anything like a breakup, yo.

So set your minds at ease, please.

Is it okay if media writes things like this??

Besides, somebody getting hurt because of this, aren't you ignoring that??

To all the fans, I want to apologize.

I understand that the media was scary.

Let me talk a little bit.

Well, about the fact that we don't show our faces.

Pretty often I hear things like "That's a great ploy, ne!"


We're all going about our careers as dentists normally.

At the time of our debut, we were still students but, we thought it would affect our careers.

Now, it's become like our style.

I really love music but, there's times like when our singles aren't coming out, and work getting too hectic, and stuff isn't getting composed.

And still, in the moment when a release is complete, it replaces all the difficult things, and moreover, at the times when we receive everyone's feelings, we're even more deeply moved.

Up until now, we've faced each thing in our way head-on one by one but,

from now on it's truly not our plan to quit.

And, maa, since morning I've been listening to complaining in addition to our complaints, and since it seems like everybody's been in a bad mood,

around here things have been like that.

Of course, I think that it's nature of the media to do their job with a sense of purpose.

They usually seem better than this, I guess.

Everybody, let's face our own lives having PRIDE in our jobs!!!

If we're the kind of people who live with "philosophy," I think that's totally the most important thing.

Just go straight ahead earnestly.

Finally, forgive us in spite of this news article, ne!!!!

Original blog can be read here.
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