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My Next Guinea Pig Will Be Named Perseus Jackson

Ugh, feel so sleeeeeepy. Proctored the SATs this morning, which is a good amount of easy money, but on the other hand means i have to get up and go to school like normal for a 6th day in a row. My favorite part is telling the kids that if their phone makes any noise, or they're even seen with it, they get kicked out. They're always like "I CANT HAVE MY PHONE TURNED OFF I'LL DIE" and then I'm like "you can make it for six hours", and they're like "SIX HOURS?! HOW LONG IS THIS TEST?!!!"

Lack of preparation, thy name is high school student. This makes me a jerk, but I enjoy the fact there's still something like the SATs that kids can actually fail which impacts their future, because in regular public education we spend all our time telling students how everyone is a winner. EVERYONE IS A NOT A WINNER. SOME PEOPLE ARE LOSERS. SO SORRY, GO STUDY SOMETHING.

I failed utterly at writing again last night (see earlier note about sleeeeepy) and now have a couple hours to make it up before I decide if I can stop long enough to see some movie or other with my father and brother.
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