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NaNo is once again over. I finished about 45 minutes early with 51,969 words, about 6800 of which I wrote today since I was off all day. Things I learned this year include that writing a prequel is a billion times harder than writing a sequel and I never want to do it again, that breaking up a unit I created just to break them up is still upsetting, and also that you can have five dragon eggs at a time if you breed that last one rather than catch it.

So if you were waiting to see if I finished to read it or to tell me you want on the filter, I finished and so you should read it and/or tell me you want on the filter.

PS, you should also comment on it. Because you know, the only reward I get for putting my entire life on hold for a month while I write you 50k of original boyband fiction? Is comments.

Well, unless you buy a copy of Chaotic Butterfly/Unseen Wings, in which case I'll get $0.50 from Amazon. You can also download a PDF from that link.

So here's the tags for all three 5*STAR NaNos on my journal, which all are on the same filter, because you should go and leave me comments:

Chaotic Butterfly (2007)
Unseen Wings (2008)
Purely By Luck (2009)

ALSO. Did anybody catch on what the joke was about the names of Sakurai's units?
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