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Instant Gratification Is a Very Complex Business

I got home finally to discover snowflake v-gifts from darkeyedwolf, musesfool, and an anonymous person! Thank you, guys ♥♥♥ today was really long and I definitely appreciate it.

JLPT3 went better than I'd hoped, in the sense that nothing was a total surprise. There were a few vocab things I just didn't know, and my listening section was not optimal, but the grammar I thought went really well, especially the reading comprehension (lol that's all I'm good at). I'm not at all sure if I passed or not, but since I barely scraped a pass for the 4 last year, I definitely went up a whole level this year just studying on my own, and I'm pretty satisfied with that.

Drive home was long and cold, but I had some food and a hot shower with my new Lush stuff, and now am watching Syfy's Alice. I'm really tired, though, and not at all looking forward to school tomorrow, ugh.

Still though. NaNo and JLPT both done! I'm looking forward to playing some more Kingdom Hearts and crocheting and maybe just loafing about.
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