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I Have No Snappy Title

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Things are poor at the job, to be blunt, and I wish I could even dredge up some shock at this point, but mostly I'm just thinking about whether hunting for a new job will suck more than having this one. At one point, I was actually standing there thinking that I wished I'd stayed in Vermont.

Which, for those of you who remember me in VT...yeah. Not a good sign.

I cleaned out the guinea pig and the rat though, which was vaguely pointless because I'll just have to do it again right before Beth shows up next week, but whatever. Also the rat has a lump and I think it's the bad kind cause it's been there a while. And I'm a terrible person, because the rat is 2 years old now, which is all that rats live, and really i'm just thinking to myself how much more convenient it'd be if I only had to drag the guinea pig over to my parents. Sorry, Massu D:

Ugh just whatever.
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