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Sen-chan's an Interesting Kid, Yo

Today a lot of weird stuff happened.

*Dermatologist bifurcated the wart a lot more (OW MOTHERFUCKING OW), but while she was doing it, she mentioned that some girl Korean group was on So You Think You Can Dance last night, and I was like "Wonder Girls?" cause that's the only girl group I know, and she said yes, that was it! So completely bizarre.

*w-inds. sang Doushite, which...seriously, so much love. sometimes in all the JE frenzy I forget how much I love w-inds., and then they show back up with THIS. Hentai-kun, never change.

*Kisumai had a pairings contest or something, and Tama/Miyata came in 5th, whereupon Miyata's comment was "something I did with Tama lately? I can't say it here~!" Also Nikaido/Senga came in 7th and Nika was all indignant they didn't make the top three. I need so much fic about all of this.

*I only slept a couple hours last night because I couldn't stop thinking about stuff, so fail. At least tomorrow's Friday D:

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