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I Am Now Prepared to Go to Dai Shimeron

Does anybody want a copy of Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony? Because I bought it at the Scholastic Book Fair yesterday for ridiculous cheap, only to realize that I completely own it. Also picked up the 4th Percy Jackson book, and stared longingly at the 5th one, but it's still in hardcover and I hate it when my stuff doesn't match. Actually my copy of the first book doesn't match either, so I might replace that at some point lol.

SHINee singing JoJo on MusicCore is completely ridiculous. ADORABLE WOOL HATS. Taemin's curls are sticking out all over under his, and his pants are made of tinfoil. I love that stupid kid. And also Minho somehow got sexy as hell, which distresses me. (Rana, go watch! they are all talented and stuff).

Mystery Christmas presents 1-4 are now completed! And speaking of things like that, I wore my Kyou Kara Maou hat out yesterday, for those of you who have been here long enough to remember those, and my friend I went to the book sale with was like " that a bear hat." YES IT IS.

ETA: Holy crap, the whole New World/Truth single is AMAZING. I haven't liked a w-inds. single this much in forever. Otsukare, boys! Hopefully next album will be just like this.
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