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What's That Spell?

Mousapelli: also, 97 people have clicked into the kisumai fic. you know how many comments i have? 5. this stupid fandom is for losers
Jackoweskla: it really is. i feel like i need to put a badly worded COMMENT PLZ on my fics to get comments
M: there must be some way to encourage commenting throughout this fandom. i don't understand why it is so crap
J: i don't either. everyone can't lurk, or else no one wants to contribute
M: nobody DOES contribute
J: and everyone comments on scan or dl posts... why is fanfic different
M: it's just like at school. i do all the shit and then everybody complains to me about it
J: give me an a
M: a?
J: like at school
M: lmao i thought you were going to spell something. GIVE ME A T
J: ahahahahhaha
M: ....apparently 'at'

Okay, but in all seriousness, I will again say, you know why JE has so few authors? because nobody comments so being a JE author sucks. Is it really so hard to say "I liked this" or "nice fic" or even just "I read this"? What would that take you, fifteen seconds? Ten?

Like, it isn't that I care that you want to lurk or whatever thing, but geezoo, 92/97 people couldn't even manage to say "nice job"? I mean, leave an anon comment if you're too scared omg to use your name (but really? why?) but goodness, don't marvel at why there are so few decent jr authors when it certainly isn't worth anybody's effort to be one.

so let's all go out there and comment on the things we read, okay? As a veteran of roughly 50 fandoms, I guarantee you making JE a more comment-filled fandom will get you more fic in the end.
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