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In Kobe You Eat the Beef, But In Nara the Deer Eat You

Today was our last full day in Kyoto. I'm sort of sadface about it, because I do love Kyoto, but not exactly because tomorrow is CHIDORICHO.

There's really no reason for me to love Chidoricho so much, because there's sort of nothing there except the ryokan and this one Italian restaurant and an am/pm. But I do anyway ♥

So we went to Kiyomizudera this morning which is still beautiful and peaceful in winter, and is my favorite shrine I've ever been to. Then we went to Nara, where deer knocked musikologie down and stole her lunch. I was like "Isn't Domoto Tsuyoshi supposed to be the goodwill ambassador for this place?!" but then we realized that he'd be right in the middle of the deer trying to steal our lunch too.

Somebody who can draw, please draw us Koichi trying to protect his bento from a little crowd of Nara deer, with Tsuyoshi right in the middle looming over Koichi's shoulder, with a headband with little deer antlers on it. (DJ? You so want to...)

Anyway, it's christmas eve for us, so tomorrow is christmas day! wah, it feels really weird, since this is the first christmas I've ever spent away from my family or even not in my parents' house. I kind of doubt Santa-san is going to track me down in Kyoto D:

Lmao i bought a puffy coat like everybody has here, so I'm good and trendy, but now my old coat won't fit in my suitcase. PACKING FAIL.
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