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So Now I've Seen Fujigaya's Nipples Live

I'm doing laundry in Chidoricho and trying to figure out what to say about the last day of Kisumai concerts yesterday, but...idk, so overwhelming.

First show we had fourth row seats just to the side of the three-platform thing in the center (where Wataru plays the guitar for Smile, if you've seen), so that people had a good look at us when they were on the third platform out of the three, or if they were on the walkway just as the stage splits. Nobody seemed to take particular notice to us, except maybe Wataru, but it was a really good view for most things.

Last show we had floor (arena) in just about the same spot, but our seats were on the very edge thank goodness. The height of the stage there made it kind of a poor spot for actually seeing things (like center stage), but because we were right against the walkway, people saw us quite a bit. Fujigaya in particular seemed terribly amused by us, Kitayama and Wataru gave us peace signs, Nika and Senga both waved...Tama I think maybe saw us once. About the only person who i think DIDN'T see us was Miyata. lmao Miya-tee fail. But, for me anyway, having Fujigaya look down and kind of chuckle at us was worth basically the entire thing.

Sanada is HOT, btw. He waved to us, and Nozawa is also hot but...he seems to kind of hate everybody? Okay, maybe not hate, but he really just strolls along the walkway not looking at people, unlike everybody else who is waving their heads off. The MADE boys were all adorable and most of them gave us love, and we should probably learn them. One in particular stopped right at us and was like "OMG WAVE WAVE" but I have zero idea who it was lol. These kids need more distinctive haircuts!

All four shows were really good. Everybody in Kisumai is ridiculously hot live, even Wataru made me double-take, Senga is totally handsome in a more grown-up way than he looks in recordings, and wtf why is Miyata hot as hell? Nika is PRETTY. So is Fujigaya, and Kitayama is just adorable, and Tamamori looks so confident and happy on stage, it makes his hotness multiply by a million. His solo maybe wasn't as full of raw sex hot as Maria, but it was really close.

Through some ridiculous twist of fate, we switched from the Shinkansen to the local train at the EXACT MOMENT snowqueenofhoth was getting on the same train, so we did get to see her and actually caught up with her in between shows too. Thank you, universe ♥ And we totally got out of the venue in plenty of time for the train back, which I was terrified about because I have no idea what we would have done in Nagoya for the night.

♥ Kisumai ♥ I'm so glad I came to see this, and that it went so well, and that nobody got (seriously) hurt and they all made it to the final safely. お疲れ様でした! I hope the upcoming year is just as exciting for all of them as this year was.
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