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Title: Moonlight Nagoya [Nikaido/Senga]
Rating/Warnings: PG for Sakuma needing a picture of Nikaido's underwear.
Summary: Nikaido hates the bus.
AN: After the Nagoya cons, apparently the boys all took the bus back (man that sucks), and when I was trying to get Hyperpedia to give me shinkansen times, it kept insisting I wanted to take the "Moonlight Nagoya" which apparently takes about 7 hours to go from Nagoya to Tokyo, and I really really did not want that. Also, Rachel owes me fic. And it would probably help you to know that Senga and Nikaido professed their love for each other repeatedly during the last couple MCs, and Nikaido's expression didn't really say that he was joking (it kind of said he'd gladly beat you up if you wanted to start something about it).

Moonlight Nagoya

Nikaido hates the bus. It takes forever and it's not very comfortable and everybody has too much stuff, plus after a little while it all starts to smell funny, because frankly after even just one day of shows they all smell pretty unpleasant.

In conclusion, the bus sucks. Which does not in any way explain why Nikaido can't stop grinning like a moron.

"Ne," he nudges Senga's shoulder with his own. "Say it again."

Senga cracks an eye open and gives Nikaido a baleful look. "Nikaaa."

"Again," Nikaido insists. Senga glances past Nikaido to the pair of seats across the aisle, but Nikaido knows that Kitayama is sprawled over both of them and Yokoo has gone up front to keep MADE and the Snow Men occupied, so Senga can't escape that way. "Say it."

Senga makes a cute, disgruntled noise, but Nikaido just keeps on staring at him evenly until Senga relents. "You're my boyfriend."

"And the other thing," Nikaido prompts after a second, making Senga roll his eyes.

"And I love you, okay?" Senga frowns when Nikaido just makes a noise of smug contentment. "Hey, aren't you going to even say it back?"

"Nope," Nikaido works his arm between Senga's neck and the seat so that he can tug Senga close against his shoulder. "Not on the bus where people can hear."

Senga starts to bluster a protest which turns into a squawk when Nikaido leans in to kiss his cheek. Senga shoves at him, and Nikaido tightens his grip on Senga's slick coat, but their scuffle gets interrupted by Tamamori's head popping over the seat in front of them.

"Gross~," he announces, pillowing his chin on his hands so that he's in a comfortable position to watch them.

"Don't watch then," Nikaido says bluntly, tugging Senga even closer while he meets Tamamori's eyes with a challenging glare of his own.

"And you just told ten thousand fangirls you love him," Tamamori continues as though Nikaido hasn't said anything, "so why's it embarrassing that we might hear you?"

This time it's Nikaido who squirms a little. "It's different."

"It isn't!" Senga protests. "I said it, you say it!"

"Go on, say it," Tamamori encourages, tilting his head a little. His expression is innocent, but his eyes have the mischievous glint of somebody who's been spending too much time with Fujigaya lately. Nikaido kicks the back of Tamamori's seat.

"Oi~," Miyata's sleepy voice complains from the other side of the seat. "Pillow-chan! Quit picking on the lovers and get back down here."

"In a minute," Tamamori shushes Miyata, although he drops one hand off the back of the seat, and the shift of his shoulder suggests he's stroking Miyata's hair to placate him. "Go on, already."

"Yeah, come on!" Senga puts in.

"Geez, I love Senga, all right!" Nikaido snaps with temper. "Everybody hear that?! Senga's my boyfriend and I love him!"

The bus is suddenly silent except for the whir of the wheels.

"No shit," Miyadate's voice finally pipes up from the front, and a scatter of Snow Men start to snicker. "Like we didn't hear every single MC. Can't you two give it a rest for half an hour?"

"That's enough of that," Yokoo scolds in a sing-song voice, just before Nikaido gets up to give their whole unit a piece of his mind.

As if sensing his intent, Senga presses closer to Nikaido as if to hold him down, and Nikaido settles for glaring at Tamamori. "Satisfied?"

"Hm," Tamamori gives a little nod, "it's good to be able to admit your feelings, Nika-chan."

Tamamori slides down out of view, Miyata gives a loud, pleased hum, and Nikaido really, really hates the bus.

"But you do though, right?" Senga asks, and when Nikaido looks down, Senga's blinking at him with his stupid, sweet brown eyes. "Really?"

Biting back a snapped reply, Nikaido squirms some more, because it is different to say it like this, and it's more embarrassing, but it isn't like he can really deny Senga anything when Senga gives him that look.

"Yeah," he finally says, "of course I do. I said, didn't I? In front of everybody?"

"Yeah, but who cares about them?" Senga says, never an idiot when Nikaido really wants him to be one. "You should say it to me."

Nikaido takes a deep breath and thinks that if Kitayama happens to wake up right now, he's going to throw himself under the bus.

"I love you," he says, managing to keep most of the grumble out of his voice. "You know I do."

Senga lights up in pleasure, eyes glowing softly with it, and then he leans over to press his mouth against Nikaido's, just as soft and sweet. Nikaido sinks his fingers into Senga's puffy coat and kisses him back. Eventually he lowers one hand to work inside Senga's coat and strokes along the warmth of Senga's side, making Senga sigh into his mouth.

They can't really go any further on the bus (which Nikaido hates), so Nikaido pulls back when Senga starts to shiver a little under his hand, knowing it can't lead anywhere positive. Senga pouts at him, but lets Nikaido pull him tight against his side again, pillowing his head on Nikaido's shoulder.

"You should say it again," Senga murmurs eventually, plainly getting ready to doze off.

"Aw, Kenpi," Nikaido protests without much energy. "Gross."

"I'll go first," Senga says, then yawns. "I love Nika~. Okay, your turn."

"Let me spend the night at your place," Nikaido says instead, "and I'll tell you all you want. Without all these weirdoes listening in."

"We don't mind, though," Miyata's voice comes through the seat, along with Tamamori's soft laughter, and Nikaido is too lazy to kick their seat again, but he thinks about it really hard.

"Sure," Senga answers, voice vague with sleep, and then his hand brushes against Nikaido's, his fingers cold with the chill of the bus. Nikaido twines his fingers through Senga's and squeezes until both of their hands are warm, until Senga murmurs one of his stupid, cute sleep noises.

"Aw, Nika-chan," Kitayama says, and when Nikaido turns his head to glare, he's grinning up at Nikaido upside-down from his sprawl across the bus seats, eyes sparkling with blackmail even in the dim lighting of the bus. "You love the rest of us too, right? Tell us, please, and don't leave out any details! It's a long ride back to Tokyo, you know."

Nikaido does know, which means there's no way to escape Kitayama, or the syrupy things Miyata and Tamamori are whispering to each other in front of him, or Sakuma when he turns up with cellphone at the ready and asks to see the brand name of Nikaido's underwear so that he can win Yokoo's scavenger hunt.

"I really hate the bus," Nikaido growls after sending Sakuma skittering over to Kitayama with a glare.

"Mm, not yet," Senga protests, nestling closer to Nikaido. "Stay there."

"Okay," Nikaido agrees, even though he knows Senga's dead asleep and can't hear it anyway. But once his cheek is pressed against Senga's hair and his eyes are shut, he finds he doesn't really care how long it takes them to get back to Tokyo after all.
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