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Also I Made A Bunch of New Icons

After staying up until 5am watching Twilight Zone episodes (omg i love the new year's marathon THIS MUCH), I woke up at noon, crawled out to the couch, and then slept until it was dark again. Which is only 5pm here now, but heh, total fail. Now I don't know whether to try and go to be super early tonight, or what, because I only have tomorrow off until I have to go back to school at 6am.

Haaaaaaaate. But whatever.

In the 3 hours I've actually been lucid, I did manage to get groceries, fold laundry, and switch the rat back his big cage, although I took out all his levels so that he's just hanging around in the bottom of it. Poor Masuda is just kind of shuffling about, and I don't want him on the ramps anymore.

Now I'm watching Dexter and contemplating fic where Ebikisu are the chinese zodiac animals, which is totally DJ's fault in an indirect manner, for proving that Ebikisu does every AU perfectly. Hasshi is the rabbit!
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