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Never Rub Another Man's Rhubarb

God just whatever. You'd think I would learn and not try to update anything ever, so the next time i start to make noises about that sort of thing, somebody just slap me across the face. Sure, Snow Leopard freed up about 20 GB of space from my OS, but I've got 130 GB free, so who gives a damn really.

After kind of a drama with Time Machine, the computer is reverted to its backed-up-yesterday state, and my windows all collapse again. It's not REALLY as easy as apple makes it out to be, cause of the OS change, and I didn't really enjoy the part where it deleted a bunch of stuff off my desktop and then was like "never mind, I quit." But after 2 hours and an embarrassing phone call to konzatsu, I have collapsing windows back again.

And now Time Machine is having some sort of twirly-bar, external-HD-grinding temper tantrum, but I'm just gonna leave it alone until it wears itself out.

Also, if you plug the toaster in and then try to hit the start button on the rice cooker, you don't really make any progress.
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