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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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Also Kitayama Has Ultraman Pajamas

I just called my mother not once but twice, both calls of which ended when my mother hung up on me, not in anger or anything, just that she forgot that *i* was calling *her*, actually to ask her questions, none of which I actually managed to ask her before she hung up the phone. The second time I was actually shouting into the phone DONT HANG UP I'M TRYING TO ASK YOU THINGS.

jesus christ what the hell. She's at the racetrack/casino with my father, I want to say. That's where most people's mothers are at 9pm on a Wednesday night, right?

If you aren't stalking diamondsjack's comments (and you should be), you probably didn't notice that DJ and I both wrote AUs to her Loveless AU, where Tottsu and Kitayama get bonded as little kids instead of Kitayama joining so late. It's disgustingly adorable yo.

Okay I'm going to seriously go back to writing or whatever now. Tiny Miyata and Tamamori! ...why is the only thing i can write this week tiny ebikisu?

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