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Beagle-Sitting Is For Weenies

Went to see the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, which was okay? It was entertaining while I was watching it, but I'm not exactly sure what i was supposed to take away from it in the end. Still, it was kind of amusing to have Johnny Depp fill in for Heath Ledger in parts. A lot of it looked really cool, but it was no Mirrormask, that's for sure.

Also, while I was over at my parents' watching the beagle, I watched the first two episodes of Caprica, which also failed to amuse me in any serious way, and then a couple episodes of Medium, which generally I enjoy, but these particular episodes are just kind of making me wince.

Total entertainment fail! Also there isn't any Criminal Minds on the On Demand, which kind of surprises me and is also fail because now I want to watch it.

But yay, day off tomorrow! I am DEFINITELY down with that.
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