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Title: Wish Fulfillment [Tamamori/Miyata]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: As if getting out of bed the first time isn't hard enough, Miyata makes a strong case for crawling right back in.
AN: Short but sweet? I was totally late to work every day this week because of crawling back into my bed after my shower. oops. Popolo reports that Miyata takes 5 minutes to get ready in the morning, and Tamamori takes 55. Anybody shocked?

Wish Fulfillment

Tamamori is cute when he sleeps.

Not that Miyata doesn't think he's cute whatever he's doing, but with his features relaxed and his hair crushed into weird bunches against the pillow, Tamamori is especially so while asleep. And it's even cuter when Tamamori wrinkles his brow when Miyata pinches his nostrils shut.

By the time Tamamori wakes up enough to open his eyes, Miyata has his arm safely snuggled back under the blankets, and Tamamori squints at him, with no idea what woke him up.

"Morning," Miyata offers with a smile. "Time to get up."

Tamamori looks even more confused for a half-second, then turns his head and groans at the numbers on his clock. Turning back, he nestles closer to Miyata, poaching his warmth, but only for a few minutes. Miyata enjoys it while he can, slipping an arm around Tamamori's waist and burying his nose in Tamamori's hair, before Tamamori reluctantly crawls out of bed with another sleepy groan.

Miyata rolls into Tamamori's warm spot and gives a soft moan of bliss, and Tamamori finishes stretching to glare at him, sleep-ruffled and jealous.

"You could stay," Miyata points out, nestling all the tighter in the warm blankets.

"You know it takes me an hour to get ready," Tamamori grumbles in reply, but the yank he gives Miyata's hair is affectionate. "If you really loved me, you'd fix it so I could get back in there with you and still not be late."

Miyata dozes while Tamamori slips off to the bathroom and eventually returns, towel wrapped around his head and shivering despite the pajama pants and long-sleeved T-shirt he's thrown back on. He watches Tamamori putter around his room, deciding what to put in his bag for the day and what to throw in the laundry. Tamamori lays out his clothes for the day the night before, but Miyata isn't surprised when Tamamori ends up switching most of his choices anyhow before he finally does get dressed.

Almost an hour to the minute after Miyata woke him up, Tamamori leans over Miyata to return the favor.

"Come on, five-minute-san," he coaxes as he scoops his phone off his bedside table.

"Don’t wanna," Miyata protests, with heavily exaggerated pathos. "Feels good in here."

Longing flickers over Tamamori's face, but he shoves it aside quick enough. "Let's go, Miyacchi, or we'll be…" Tamamori trails off when his phone starts chirping in his hand, Aqua Timez's "Niji" set as his alarm.

Miyata sinks a little deeper into the blankets so that they're hiding his grin.

"Miyacchi," Tamamori looks from his phone to the clock to Miyata, "why does my phone say it's an hour earlier than my clock does?"

"Mmm," Miyata mumbles into the blankets.

"You set my clock an hour ahead!" Tamamori accuses.

"But now you can get back in bed for a whole hour!" Miyata holds up the blankets with a hopeful grin. "See, I granted your wish! Because I love you, Tama-chan~."

And maybe Miyata hadn't exactly meant for Tamamori to get back into bed in order to kill him, but whatever works, he figures as Tamamori lands on top of him, pinning his wrists to the bed.

Tamamori gives up after a minute anyway, going limp with his face pressed against Miyata's chest. "You're an ass."

"Yup." Miyata yanks the blankets more fully over both of them and lets his eyes slip shut, warm and happy under Tamamori's weight.

"My clothes are gonna be all wrinkled."

Miyata cracks one eye back open. "You know, I have a solution for that too."

In the end, they nearly are late anyway, Miyata teasing Tamamori about what a girl he is as they rush to finish getting ready in Miyata's usual five minutes. But Tamamori, who can change his wrinkled clothes, gets his revenge by refusing to lend Miyata any clean clothes.

"Subtle," Nikaido comments when they finally roll into the dressing room.

Miyata, wearing yesterday's clothes and nearly glowing with contentment, just gives him a wide grin.

"At least he's cute," Tamamori sighs in resignation, but there's a grin lurking in the corners of his mouth when Miyata leans over to kiss his cheek in thanks.

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